Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Wish List

This Christmas I mostly want clothes and accessories. Since Cohen's always growing and I still fit into most of my clothes, buying clothes for me isn't normally in the cards. So of course it's the thing I'm most drawn to. Other than clothes I'd love to get a 50mm lens, a tripod that can do both portrait and landscape pictures, a few more Alex Ross comic books, and more of 7th Heaven on DVD (I've got the first 3 seasons). You can see those items here. But these are examples for accessories I'd love to have:
1 | 3 | 5 | 6
1. A new pair of earrings, preferably studs. Ones I've picked are examples of what I like, three of them came from the same etsy store and are linked above
2. A new haircut and professional color
3. A new watch, I linked my favorite one above, but two are from Fossil and two are from American Eagle | I like this watch too that I just found!! LOVE
4. Some dark tan "riding" boots! Loved having the ones my little sister out grew but then my feet got too wide for them after being pregnant
5. An infinity scarf, once again I linked my favorite (and yes all three that I have for examples are the same just different colors they're all from Target though). I would also love a knit mustard yellow one and an off white one (but I'm thinking I might try to do one of them myself)
6. Light blue boyfriend cardigan and a more "fall" toned yellow cardigan, both from target

Wish list for Cohen this year is mostly toys. As far as clothes go he'll be in the 18-24 month clothes (2T  for some brands, ask the store what the difference is between the two), but he's getting into toys more, including stuffed animals as well as loving his books more and more so this is our Christmas list for him:

1. Wooden train set (preferably not Thomas the Tank Engine) Ikea and Target both have some (as well as other stores they were just the examples I found)
2. Alphabet blocks
3. Regular wooden block set
4. Books, board books are great for him to flip through but we love all kinds (the ones I posted are ones we don't have... we have a lot of the Sandra Boynton ones and we only have "The Very Hungry Catipiller" by Eric Carle as far as big board book authors go)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

When Daddy Goes Out of Town

Dave had a full long week (yes he's been gone longer, but it seems longer when you have a one year old) in Vegas for work. So for both mine and Cohen's sanity we got out of the apartment as much as possible.

wanting daddy to take him with him to Vegas
Monday morning we had toast and watched Curious George, got ready and then did a trash run, which as stated before Cohen is always happy to help out with. Then we hung out and played, talked to my mom on the phone, ate lunch, watched some Sesame Street and then had a nap. After Cohen woke up from his nap we got bundled up and went to the park by the library for a little change of scenery. Cohen loved running around the little park even if the "little kid park" had smaller slides than the one he's used to outside our apartment. If the other "big kid park" wasn't packed with big kids I would've taken him to that one but he still had fun going on the swing and doing the other parts. As well as following some other kids around. After the park we ran to Safeway and picked up a few grocery items for the week. We then headed home, put some fish and chips in the oven, played while we waited for them to get ready and then scarfed them down then we took an apple (which Cohen at most of) cuddled on the floor and watched some Sesame Street. After dinner we got ready for bed, read parts of "Hop on Pop", talked for a bit to Dave, played some of his apps on the ipod and then went to bed.

So glad I took my actual camera with me

he was determined to carry the new laundry detergent

"it's heavy mom!!"

Tuesday consisted of going to the mall in the morning where we walked around and went on the carousel. It was Cohen's first time on a carousel. I tried to get him to sit on one of the animals but he was shaking and wanted me to take him down immediately and we hadn't even started moving yet so we sat on one of the benches together which about half way through he was shaking again so he sat on my lap. Poor little nervous guy. Hopefully next time he will actually enjoy it. After the mall we came home and had some Monsters University Mac n Cheese and then it was nap time. After he woke up we checked the mail and then went to Target and walked around and I picked up some much needed peppermint hot cocoa mix... it was getting way to chilly and gloomy around here without it. (I hope we never have to move anywhere super cold or I'll freeze). Then we came home ate some dinner, played, red some books, drank hot cocoa and a bottle, talked really quickly to Dave on the phone and then went to bed.

"Scrambled eggs are SO tasty"

Curious George in the morning is the best

"I'm Spiderman"

my poor little nervous baby on the carousel (after it ended he was ok to sit on his own again for two seconds while I grabbed my purse and snapped a picture

playing with the mac n cheese box while the food is cooking
snuggles with mommy and Grover

Watching the big kids play

SO EXCITED to watch them


fun at Target

Wrapping paper

"I LOVE this stuff mom!!"

On Wednesday it was a rainy day so we stayed inside pretty much the majority of the day. In the morning we had breakfast and finally emptied out the dishwasher, ran out the garbage during a break from the rain, play time for a bit, and called up my mom to chat for a sev. After playing and finally finding out my work schedule for next week I HAD to sweep up the fresh leaves from last night off the patio before they stuck to it too much from the rain, Cohen was all too happy to assist. After sweeping we had lunch and then it was nap time. After nap time, which I also participated in we made chocolate chip cookies and then we went to Best Buy to get out of the apartment for a bit. When we got home and watched about half of "The Princess Bride" and then it was dinner time so I whipped up some pasta and we scarfed it up. Then we went into the living room, shared an apple (Cohen LOVES apples and loves eating them like a grown up), and ate some popcorn (more like I ate popcorn and Cohen had two pieces). Then we got all ready for bed, played for a little bit more, read a couple books and then it was time for bed for my little guy. After which I hoped on the computer and  I found out one of my favorite illustrators passed away, I will always love your work Sheilah Beckett!

that's his happy scrunched up face 

mixing the ingredients up

testing the dough

dancing in the kitchen

eating half a cookie
looking at movies at Best Buy
eating popcorn while we watch "The Princess Bride"... he always has great self control with popcorn and only eats about 2

being silly before bed time
Thursday was a blustery day, to say the least, so we stayed in doors again. It was also an emotional roller coaster of a day for the both of us, we were both ready for Dave to be home already! We went to Walmart super quick to pick up two things and then came home and hung out. I took Cohen's Christmas themed pictures (yes, I needed to do them this early) which he loved. I used wrapping paper as my back drop, which he ripped down strait down the middle the first second I turned my back so I had to try again but had all my stuff ready for him after it was hung. I sat him down in front of it and then set a plate filled with chocolate cookies in front of him, he was so happy taking about one or two bites out of every cookie. After nap time we ran to Costa Vida to pick up my much needed dinner and came home and ate. My mom called to chat, so we talked while Cohen got to draw with crayons (I'm going to be so sad when I run out of my big paper pad... it has been GREAT for crafting with Cohen). Over all it was a big chill/hang out kind of day.
at Walmart
watching the leaves getting blown by the leaf blower


he had me read all these books in one sitting

"sweeping" with what he found to be his own little broom since the big one was put away... such a creative baby

he got so sweaty drinking his warm bottle in his warm clothes I couldn't resist playing with his hair 

Friday was sadly not filled with fun since Cohen had to go to the Doctor's to get a shot. As always it was a tear filled visit from beginning to end. Luckily the crying doesn't follow us home anymore and he's normally fine by the time we're out of the office... he just wants to leave that mean place. When we got back we read a book together,  Cohen made a super mess in his room and then we both had a nap. Then we went outside to check the mail, Cohen went and played at the park for a little bit, we swept the patio again, and waited for Dave to get home. Then at about 6 Dave knocked on the door and our little family was whole again. It was a long week but we all made it.
helping me make scrambled eggs

on the way to the dr's

watching the big kids play outside

working on my low lighting photography while he eats an apple

daddy's finally home