Friday, June 29, 2012

Beauty and the Beast at the Academy Awards

I LOVE that it's got Angela Lansbury as well as Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson singing the song all together...
The Beast's bows on his shoulders though not so much. As well as Celine's crazy eyebrows

New/Old Art Pieces

Some of them are for the baby and some of them are just for fun...

I LOVE Curious George, he's a cute/troublesome little guy and I love the primary colors so why not do both

A circus painting because I was bored...
I don't love it but it gave me something to do

A boy version and a girl version.
I plan on putting the blue/green one up in my little man's room

And my abc animals from before just waiting to be framed to go in his room too.
I tweaked a few colors so it was more "boy appropriate"

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Winnie the pooh

I've been feeling like Pooh Bear lately... Short and round, that's me.

when i up,down,touch the ground it puts me in the mood. up, down, touch the ground in the mood (hehehe) for food. I am stout, round, and i have found speaking poundage wise, I improve my appitite when i exersize! I am short, fat, and proud of that and so with all my might, I up,down, and up and down to my appitite's delight! while i up, down and touch the ground, i think of things to chew...(like honey). with a hefty, healthy appitite i'm a hefty happy pooh!

Monday, June 18, 2012

18 June 2012

On the 11th my dad came down to see us while he was in the Bay Area for the US Open and work. It was so fun to get to spend the evening with him. We went out to eat at On the Border Mexican Grill and Cantina which was very good. Afterwards we stopped by Babies R Us where he so generously bought us a mattress for the crib as well as sheets and a little outfit! Thank you dad! Then he sadly had to leave because he had stuff he needed to do in the early morning.
We decided to go visit our friends Juan and Sara in the Bay Area one last time before either of us have our babies! Their little girl is due next month so it was so much fun to get to see all the baby stuff that they have and talk about being pregnant (not that we don't do that enough already). It was also great to get together one last time for sure before either of us have little munchkins to worry about... it's crazy how both our little families will be changing very soon here. We left Friday after Dave got home from work and packed up our new car, which we bought the day before! We made it to their house and hung out for a little bit and then the boys went to see a movie at the movie theater while Sara and I organized their dvds, ate, chatted, and watched "The Prince and Me".

The next day we drove down to Half Moon Bay and went to the beach. It was a beautiful cool day which was wonderful! I love the beach so it was great to just sit, smell, and enjoy it all.

Afterwards we went to lunch/dinner at this yummy restaurant that I can't remember the name of (it had Crab in it...).  Then we drove out to South San Fransico to meet up with my dad, who was flying back home that day, and get a few items he had forgotten at his hotel (our baby is now all set to be a big Packers fan like his grandpa) when he came out to see us and I gave him his Father's Day CD. We then said goodbye and headed back to Juan and Sara's where we did more hanging out. Then Sara took me to Carter's where she was so nice and bought us a couple of outfits for our little man. We then stopped by Target and picked up a few snacks. Then we ran over to her parent's house where she and her mom gave me another baby present! They had a whole bag filled with burp clothes that they had put cute designs on. We then made it back to her apartment and watched some tv with the boys. Afterwards we went to a frozen yogurt place and all got some yummy dessert. We were all worn out from the day so we all went to bed after finishing up our treats.
Dave and I made the trek back to our apartment the next morning where we rested up for the upcoming week. 
Over all it was a great weekend and so much fun to not only get to see my dad once that week but twice!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last Weeks Big Project

Last Week I repainted two bookcases for in the baby's room. The Big one was black and the little one was a dark brown so they were two black holes with the white crib and changing table in that room. I knew I wanted them to be white So I had gone out and bought all the supplies as well as a fun extra paint can. Tommy helped out a bunch with this project while he was here.
Sanding the book casess

all the piles of all the books that had to be taken out of the cases

The outside is painted all white! With the inside primed and ready

Turquoise insides!!

The little bookcase

The big bookcase
The room is starting to come together! We just need a few more big pieces and then it's all set.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tommy's Visit

Tommy got here on Saturday (as I stated before) and we got to do all sorts of fun/low key things while he was here until yesterday. 

We went to Red Robin, Del Taco, Burger King, Quiznos, Jamba Juice, and Lion Gate (I think that's what the restaurant was called). We took pictures. Played lots of games, both on our different gaming systems and real games. Watched a lot of Fraiser. Saw a couple of movies from our apartment as well as going to the movie theater to see "Snow White and the Huntsman" which was pretty good (I think Kristen Stewart is slowly getting better...). Went back and forth to the airport a lot more than on a normal trip. Chatted. I made dinner almost every day that week! That's a big deal for me. And he was so great and helped me out a lot with my book case project.

I'm so glad he got to come out here and see our apartment. It was so much fun to get to see him to and spend a whole week with him, especially if I don't get to make it for his farewell (hoping I will though). He's such a great guy and I'm so excited for him to go on a mission.
Busy working on homework

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 June 2012

So Dave left the Friday of Memorial Day weekend for Canada for his twin sister Katherine's wedding. We drove the back roads to get to the airport (we need a new car really bad) and I said goodbye to my husband for a little over a week!!! After driving home and letting Comet out of his cage for a little bit to get some stretching/exercise time in I locked him back up so I could go to dinner at a family in our new ward's house. They were so nice and new I would be all alone and invited me, as well as the missionaries, and their sister-in-law and her husband (they're expecting too around the same time as us). It was nice to get to know all of them and have some yummy food.
Saturday I spent just hanging out in the apartment pretty much most of that day except I ran to Target and Khol's in hopes of finding some maternity clothes... I ended up with one shirt out of the whole thing and a couple of things for the baby.
Sunday I had to say the closing prayer in sacrament... Not that a prayer can be wrong or bad, but if it could I think mine would've been pretty close. Luckily Grandma Maria was on her way to get me for a few days to visit so I didn't have to stick around all of church after my "graceful" prayer. I came home and got all packed up and made sure Comet got lots of good fun outside of the cage time before he'd have to be back in his cage for a trip to Grandma's (almost 2 hours away). Grandma came and we had lunch, packed up the car and headed back to her house. I stayed with her until Tuesday and was so glad she had driven all the way out to get me and save me from a long week all by myself. At Grandma's we watched a bunch of girly movies (it was nice to have someone to watch them with), ate lots of fun foods, went shopping for maternity clothes (much better success!), and just hung out and chatted.


After she dropped me off on Tuesday I headed to the grocery store because we were in need of food supplies! I also finished my Peter Pan painting which was great.
On Wednesday I ran a few more errands.
Thursday I did my glucose test... bleh! Here's to still hoping I'm not diabetic while pregnant. I still have till the end of the month to find out from my Dr. Tommy also got his mission call that day and I was able to watch via Skype (love modern technologies). I'm so excited for him! He'll be serving in the Independence, Missouri mission and leaves for the MTC at the end of July.

Friday was a long boring day.
On Saturday Tommy flew in. We stopped by Home Depot and picked up supplies for the project he's going to be helping me with while staying here, went to Safeway for a few little things I still needed for the next weeks dinners, and got Red Robin to-go. We just hung out, chatted, watched Fraiser, and played games. It was nice to finally have someone to hang out with again.
Sunday we went to church and then after church we came home, took a few pictures and watched "What Dreams May Come" which he hadn't ever seen before and I think it's a great movie. Then we waited.... waited.... waited until Dave finally flew in and we picked him up around 12:30 that night! I was so so tired by the time we got home but was able to stay up and chat with my honey for a little bit.