Friday, July 27, 2012

Update on My Alphabet Animals

I've added a bunch more oceanic animals... I still have a lot of animals in mind to do... pretty much I can't do anymore "s" animals though since I have a ton of them.

here are some of my first ones i did.

I LOVE Waffles

I don't know what it is, but I find myself making waffles all the time since we moved to California. I didn't get my waffle maker until around the beginning of the year so that probably helps but still. It could be that they're so easy to make (especially if you're just making the Krusteez box) but I love that I don't really have to pay attention to them except to see if the light has gone from red to green unlike with pancakes. All I know is that I use my waffle maker a lot so it was definitely a great present that gets used all the time.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Famous Paintings and Disney

The original Merida from "Brave" is "Miranda, the Tempest" by John William Waterhouse-

I can't believe it's taken me this long to make this connection but it's totally there. Just like Giselle from "Enchanted" is totally an Alphonse Mucha creation.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hooray for Tommy

This other cute brother of mine has entered the MTC!!! I'm so excited for him and this big step in his life. I'm going to miss him like crazy, but I know he's going to do such a good job and he'll make a difference in a lot of peoples lives. See you in two years Elder Murphy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Missing My Grandpa

I was up late last night not being able to sleep at all. My mind was busy thinking of so many things from baby to my family and my two brothers who are both going to be busy great things to my grandpa. So I thought I'd try to google my grandpa and see what I could find on him and this is what I found (as well as a lot of law case things he had been involved with for work):
GRIFFIN, Roland Ivan - We cherish and honor Roland Ivan Griffin who lived from 12 March 1936 - 18 March 2004. Ron was born in Murray, Utah. He was a graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in electrical engineering where he met and married his loving wife Marilyn who predeceased him by fifteen years. Ron graduated from Stanford Law School in 1965. He was an accomplished patent attorney specializing in intellectual property law at HewlettPackard Company for forty years where he was highly regarded. Ron was an active member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His many years of service to others included a two and half year mission in France and many opportunities to teach. He loved the 49ers, playing basketball, and BLTs with banana milkshakes. Fishing and spending time at his ranch in Utah with his family were among same of his most precious moments. Ron is dearly loved and missed by his loving wife Maria of more than twelve years, his six children, sixteen grandchildren and his favorite schipperke Sophie.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I Love Cardigans

They are the best thing for being pregnant because you don't have to buy anything new. You just need a bunch of longer camis to go with them (which I already had)... I pretty much wear them all the time while being pregnant. I love that both the camis and the cardigans work when I'm not pregnant too.

Those and my shade white shirt are probably my top outfits, but now the shade shirt is starting to get on the brink of being too short... good thing I have my long white cami still to go under it if I need to.

Baby Bump as of Late

30 Weeks
31 Weeks
32 Weeks

Thursday, July 19, 2012

4 Years Since HS

This day in my life - 
I've been thinking about it a lot this year. It could be because Dave's class had their 10 year (which we didn't go to) or it could just be because I'm having a baby. But either way I can't believe I've been graduated for four years from high school, that's the same amount of years I put into high school (unlike many of my graduating classmates since our high school was a three year high school and I had gone to high school in California before moving to Washington). It's all gone so fast (thank goodness). In those four years I had attended 4 semesters in Rexburg with four different sets of roommates.
1st semester in the dorms
2nd semester at Aspen Village
(and no I don't have pictures with my other roomies... the next semester I didn't like mine and my last semester I pretty much was never there either)
Met Elder L. Tom Perry

Went to N. Carolina and New York after graduation

Got to visit Camille at Rexburg and Michelle at Provo in one trip

This is also when I met Elder Perry
I also got to visit her while I went to Rexburg but have no pictures from that trip
Visited Aunt Viola a lot while at school
Finally went to school (again) with my best friend Camille.
I met Dave the beginning of my second year of school and we started dating that February
We got engaged the next semester
and then married in September (that's two years ago)

(the rest of this is all post wedding day)
Moved three times since we've been together
and California
We've traveled a lot in those two years too

Seattle for a month while Dave was in New Jersey
Utah for Travis and Emily's wedding in
Vegas with Juan and Sara
     we were in New Jersey for a month where we went to a lot of fun places on the weekends
Virginia to see some of Dave's mission, visit Hazel, and see Monticello
Washington DC
Coney Island
I got to go to Disneyland while in CA for Camille's wedding

Went to Rexburg to drop Tommy off at school for my parent's
This is when I lost many items to the river because I fell in it
We've had lots of different visitors all the places we've lived

(my dad visited too but we never got a picture with him
or when Juan and Sara came out to help us move
or with Dave's dad when he visited in AZ)

We got Comet at the end of November 2011

Found out we were having a baby in January and had it confirmed by a doctor in February
We bought a car

And we've been to the Bay Area twice since moving to California to see Juan and Sara
the first trip
the second
my other best friend Michelle went and came back from a mission during those four years too and I got to see her before she went back to school and before we moved to CA

And my dear friend Emily got married too right before we moved to CA and I was in her bridal party too

(So I've been to three weddings since I've been married of close friends of ours)

All and all I feel like I've accomplished way more in these last four year of my life and I have loved them. It's so nice to be grown up and have a little more choice over my life. I can't wait for all the years to come (I just hope they don't go so quickly this time).