Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Our family (Murphy family) lost our dog Fergus O'Riley or as we called him, Riley. He was a great dog in spite of his naughty puppy years (he ate everything including my first cell phone days after getting it). He was always so friendly to me when I'd come home, even after going away to school and after getting married. He was my first banana buddy and came running with the first crack of the peel.  He sat on the stairs like a person which was great. There was even one time when we were still in temecula and he came back inside from our backyard and was still super hyper that he ran horizontally on the back of the couch. I loved that dog even after he got stinky. I'm sad he passed away but I know he's happily eating all the bananas he can right now in doggy heaven.

Mommy and Baby go to Utah

Cohen and I left for Utah last Tuesday after Dave got home from work. We had a layover in Denver so I was not looking forward to the flight pretty much ever since I booked it. Dave got home early from work and was able to cuddle with Cohen for an hour while he slept since I couldn't get Cohen to sleep for a nap (Dave can always get him down just can't get him in his crib from there). When we got to the airport there was a mini mom and baby group which was nice so Cohen wasn't running to much all over the place. I'm sure that the other passengers were not excited though when we got on the plane and saw 4 babies lined up in a row one in front of the other. Luckily they all did pretty well. Our plane was about a half hour late getting into Denver but our next plane was right next to the gate we came out of so we made it just in time for boarding.  Cohen wasn't able to sleep on either flight so he pretty much instantly fell asleep when he got into his carseat when Allison picked us up. Cohen was so excited he could move around when we got to Allison's condo it wasn't until about 1:30 am that he went to sleep.

The next day my parents, Kiernan and Jessy picked us up. We did a little shopping and then picked up my mom's cousin Mark from the airport. After that we headed up to Logan to stay with Aunt Viola. Then that night a bunch of family went to her house for dinner. We heard some funny stories about my great grandma and chatted.
sleeping in

proof he's not a bold baby, just a REALLY blonde baby

The next day we rushed to get ready for a family members wedding. It was in the Bountiful Temple which is SUPER pretty. We stopped for KFC for a quick lunch and a good way to kill some time until the reception which we had to go to early for pictures. The reception was held in a beautiful Victorian home, even the upstairs was still beautiful.
cohen took this beauty

 We had to leave just a little after they cut the cake so we could start the 5 and a half hour journey to the ranch. Cohen slept almost the whole drive only waking up twice with the first one being a not so happy one but we made it there and we're  both able to fall asleep quick after arriving. 
That first day half of the people (it was just my family and my mom's brother's family there for the majority of the day) made a total of six hours driving round trip to get groceries and some things for the ranch since the local grocer is, well not even a Safeway. My parents, Cohen and I went into town for a quick lunch since there wasn't really much to eat at the ranch. By the end of the day everyone was finally at the ranch and we were all set for the ranch visit.

Saturday a group of people went and hiked. Cohen and I hung out at the ranch with whoever was with us (this was my ranch trip, so different from how it was probably  but I loved it). I explored and looked at all the renovations and new things that had happened since it flooded in 2010 since I wasn't able to make it in 2012. We also went into town for the Pioneer Day parade. Cohen was my dad's little buddy for it (as well as the whole Utah trip which was great). Cohen got to go on his first ATV ride that day too with my dad and me.
playing with his first thin pancake ever
he LOVES them

another cohen beauty

ready to go shoot some guns like grandpa and uncle kiernan


Sunday I got to go for a long ATV ride with Allison, Steve and Jonathan. Aunt Viola and Mark left early afternoon that day and Allison, Scotty, and Andrea left that night.

Monday we did more hanging out while my dad and Lowell were gone most of the day. Jessy got in an ATV accident that day on the trail I did on Sunday. Luckily both her and Kyle (who was injured trying to get the ATV back up on the road from the hill) weren't not badly injured and didn't even need to go to the clinic in town.

Tuesday I took Jonathan's senior pictures and we planned out outfits for the Griffins so I could take their family pictures the next day. I also took the sibling/kid portrait pictures that day so pictures on Wednesday would go faster. That evening Cohen and I went for a walk down the hill following the trail along the house hill with Aunt Sara and my mom. Allison came back down to the ranch then too. That night there was a crazy thunder and lightning storm that was right up on the house. It was so loud and bright that it woke Cohen up and he had to sleep in the bed with me. On the last close flash and boom the fan on the floor in our room went out which not only made the room seem extra quiet all of the sudden but there was a tiny blue light on the fan too so it got super dark fast too. I couldn't see Cohen, that's how dark it was, so I had to reach out and pat his belly to make sure he was still there.

Wednesday I took pictures of Jessy and Samantha together. After that I did the Griffin's pictures. Kyle took the car Allison had rented back up to Salt Lake that afternoon and Allsion, Steve, Jessy, Samantha, and Harrison left that night for Lake Powell. I got all packed up that night and cleaned out our bathroom so Cohen and I would be ready to leave the next morning and we could sleep in as long as possible.

Thursday morning we woke up early, said goodbye to the cousins and loaded up in the van. We drove to Provo first to get some cupcakes at the Cocoa Bean, then drove to Draper to visit with my mom's friend from Irvine where Cohen played with their dog, then we got lunch at Crown Burger, and then we went to Sandy to see Jennifer and her new baby, Calvin (who is exactly 10 months younger than Cohen) and I got to take pictures of them. After all that we went back into the car and drove to back to Logan to stay the night with Aunt Viola.... Cohen is not a fan of cars to say the least, but he did pretty good considering. We ate dinner and then went to bed.



Friday we got up and got back in the car to drive back to Salt Lake (thankfully Cohen slept pretty much the whole way) to go to the airport. My parents went into the airport with us and it was great to have them there, especially with the huge line to get through security, it went out to the parking garage and bended back again towards the security taped off line entrance. We got on our plane which Cohen did alright for (I feel bad for the man who sat next to us though... I think Cohen thought he was his grandpa since he wore glasses and had a dark goatee like my dad). We made it to LAX where we bought some fruit and then waited for our next flight. We boarded that plane and then were waiting to get on the runway for at least a half hour!! Luckily Cohen totally fell asleep by the time we were up in the air though all the way to me getting up to leave the plane. We got off the plane and I raced to the baggage claim as fast as I could while holding a still sleepy baby to meet up with Dave. He was great and had got in an hour and a half before our flight was supposed to get in from his business trip and waited for us. It was so nice to have him waiting for us.
The trip as a whole was a lot of fun, a little stressful, and long without Dave there but it was a lot of fun to see not only my family but cousins and friends too!