Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 June 2011

So for the last week of my vacation in New Jersey Dave and I went to Coney Island one day. We rode the train, hopped onto two subway trains, and finally got there. It was packed. We grabbed some famous Coney Island hot dogs which were delicious and then we walked through a flea market. After that we went to the beach was was flooded with very pale white people laying out all over the place... we couldn't even walk along the beach because of how many people where there. Then we went the ride "The Cyclone" which was a run roller coaster with a ton of big drops in it. We played a few games and then headed home. 
On the train

During that week we also UPSed our china set we got as a wedding gift from Hazel (the wonderful woman we stayed with while in Virginia), I did laundry and packed up, and Dave drove me to the airport.
The flight was long.
My Aunt Sara picked me up from the airport and we stopped over at the apartment where I dropped off all my stuff and then we went back over to her house where I spent the night. The next day we all went to the wave pool by my apartment and then my younger cousin Samantha (Jessy's buddy) spent the night. We watched movies and made rice krispy treats. Now I just have to finish getting the house living in appropriate again and then I'll be already to pick up Dave from the airport tomorrow!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Of My Favorite Toys...

So when I was little and my family would have to drive somewhere far (this was generally to the ranch which was like 9 hrs away) about halfway we'd always get some little gift to keep us entertained (these were fairy cheap gifts too.. but fun). The one I'd probably get the most often was this
Sky Dancer
... they're called sky dancers and I LOVED them! They were pretty colors, had a fun base and flew! Pretty much awesome I know. Well today I found out that there was a tv series based on them when I was a kid...
ummm what did I miss out on childhood?! So pretty much now I want to see an episode just to remember the toys that I loved so much... do they even make these anymore?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Virginia and DC Trip

This last weekend Dave and I were able to go down to Waynesboro, VA (one of the locations he had served his mission) and we stayed with his favorite person from there, Hazel Wright, a cute old lady who loves the elders but won't ever convert no matter how much she's involved with the church. She was fun to meet and hang out with for two days. Hazel would talk your ear off though but her stories were all fun to hear. She has a beautiful garden in her backyard and an amazingly beautiful brick house.. it was heavenly.
We got there Friday night (we drove through Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia from New Jersey) and got Wendy's and looked through pictures, caught up, and just chatted. Saturday morning I woke up early, but Dave slept in. Then we went over to her neighbor's house and walked through her garden, drank wonderful lemonade and talked (southern women can talk forever). We ran to the grocery store, dropped of Hazel, and then we drove down to see the Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home. It was beautiful (lots of pictures)!

We didn't go inside since we'd have to hang out around the grounds for 2 1/2 hours... it was very humid and hot and we had things to do so we didn't wait. We drove through Charlotsville a little bit too since Dave had served there as well.
Then we went back to Hazel's house and tried to do some things around the house/garden for her. Dave helped install a new pump for a fountain and Hazel and I were going to weed but the gnats wouldn't leave us alone so we chatted instead. We looked at more pictures and told more stories. Then we ran some errands, Dave went to get some photos developed for her while she and I went into Goodwill. We got some yummy food from Tasty Freeze, then we wrapped up and boxed the beautiful china set Hazel gave us as a wedding present, looked through her basement and went to bed.

Dave reading up on how to install the pump

The next morning I woke up earlier than Dave again and got ready then we said goodbye to Hazel and left for Washington D.C. We drove to Arlington and then we hoped on the subway to D.C. Once in DC we went to The Castle which was beautiful. After that we went to the Air and Space Museum which was awesome to go through and look at (my dad says his great uncle is in the museum... not as an employee but as an actual thing you'd go look at... CrAzY). Then we went to the Holocaust Museum which was interesting to go through. We did the tour and everything for this one. We also went to the book store inside it and got a book ("One Bridge to Life") signed by the author... he was a cute old man for sure.
William Samelson
totally reminds me of Charles Ruggles
 After that we walked by the Washington Monument and then we headed for the subway to get going back to New Jersey. We got home and crashed into our bed.
more pictures from DC

I look like an ewok from star wars

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Trip To NYC

Dave and I have been in New Jersey this month and we were able to go to New York City one weekend. We took the train from New Brunswick to NYC in the morning and headed for Central Park. It was misting/raining that day so we didn't really want to walk around the park (plus it's huge... 2nd largest park... San Francisco has the largest) so we got a guy to give us a tour of the park on a bike (great way to see all the park).
I only took my ipod on this trip so all the pictures aren't the best...
but this is Balto

While we were on our tour the guy asked us if we wanted to play a game where he'd quiz us and if we got the answer right he'd take five bucks off the tour charge and if we got it wrong it'd be five more bucks... we said why not. So his first question was at one of the first statues we saw "Who is that?" he asks and Dave says "Christopher Columbus" then the guy said "You're the first person to ever get that right. You're a smart one. I don't think I want to play this game with you guys anymore." But then he gave us another one for free (I think to test us) where he asked us again who another statue was of and Dave said "Hans Christen Andersen?" then I say "No it's not Hans Christian Andersen... he's a sitting statue. Not Hans Christen Andersen" luckily the guy didn't hear Dave answer or me saying who it wasn't so then Dave said "Shakespeare?" and we got it right... he didn't quiz us anymore.
When the tour finished we got off and started walking towards Time Square. We grabbed some hot dogs and were walking when Dave saw a store called David Z. ... it was fate that he would out of all the names for a store. We would've been more impressed though if it was a Gabrielle Z.
We walked through Time Sq stopping at a couple of stores like the "Toys R' Us" store that has a ferris wheel inside of it and the Disney store and a few others.
Then we went to The Museum of Natural History (I hadn't been there before) which was cool and fun. We looked at animals and the dinosaurs.

We then got back on the train, grabbed some dinner, and went to bed. It was fun to go with my husband (especially since it was his first time).

Here are pictures from my first trip to NYC back in 2008 with Holly

Happy Father's Day... A Day Late

Sorry this post is a day late dad, but I'm glad I got to talk to you really quickly yesterday and I hope your day was wonderful! I love you and miss you. Thanks for all you've done for me, taught me, and supported me with.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So I attempted to make silhouettes... I did one of Dave, Camille, and one of Jennifer... I had to do it from photos I had saved on my computer. I haven't found a picture of me that I've liked profile-wise yet though so I don't have one of me.... yet. More to come probably

They're bad I know... so please don't laugh too much

"I want to have a good body but not as much as I want dessert." 
-Jason Love.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"You know that place between sleeping and awake, that place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always think of you." - J.M. Barrie, (Peter Pan)

Friday, June 10, 2011

I saw this picture of Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier  in my Grace Kelly Folder today and it reminded me of this one of my grandparents
Now the one of Grace Kelly is more end of summer/early fall feeling while my grandparents' feels more end of spring/early summer... but I love both pictures

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Growing Up...

I was thinking about all the tv shows I loved to watch when I was younger compared to the shows that they have now. Tv has really gone down hill in its quality of shows (or maybe that's just part of growing up in general). I'm so glad Dave has this love of things from his childhood too though. So then we end up with things like: all the seasons of "X-Men" 
Yes, we actually sat down and watched all of them after buying them
or Looney Tunes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as many movies from growing up (Disney collection is always growing).
So with all this I thought I'd show some examples of some shows I enjoyed growing up: (Now not all of these are what I'd call "excellent" but I still did enjoy them)
Gummi Bears was a cute little show with these bears who drank a juice that made them all bouncy. It was a medieval set show with a princess and everything. This show wasn't super popular but I loved it.
The Magic School Bus - was not only educational but extremely fun. This was the ideal school and teacher that everyone wish that they had with the exciting field trips and the crazy teacher.
I really liked My Little Pony which was not only a cute little tv series with a theme to each episode but they also had these great toys (which didn't require batteries and didn't even have move-able joints). I remember going over to Camille's house and we'd play with them all the time.
Disney Channel had tons of great shows on it like :
Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, I always wanted to be inventive and smart like Gadget
Tale Spin which had Baloo from "The Jungle Book" in it
and there was Goof Troop which was always good.
I loved The Little Mermaid, not just the movie (which was my favorite when I was a kid... I had the bed set and everything) but the tv series also. There was also an "Aladdin" television series which I enjoyed too (the main bad guy in it was very creepy though).
Tommy and I both really liked Inspector Gadget with this goofy detective who always got into trouble trying to solve a case, but his niece was always there with her dog to bail him out (without him being aware of it too)
One of my favorites was Duck Tales and I still love it to this day (I have a couple episodes on vhs still). They also made a movie which is just as fun.
There was also Recess which was one of the many shows you'd wake up for and watch on "One Saturday Morning" which only played when that title says. Who didn't love this show?

Now at this time it wasn't just Disney who made some great tv shows for kids to watch, Nickelodeon was great too:
There wasn't a kid I knew who didn't love Doug (I'm pretty sure everyone my age still looks back on it with fondness). It was quirky with cool characters, a super hero, and a fun loving dog.
Hey Arnold was another fun where the maid character had a football shaped head. All the characters were fun and different.
Rugrats was probably next in line as a favorite made by Nick. with some babies who were always on the look out for adventure.
Another one Nick had was Rocko's Modern Life which was strange (Nickelodeon had a lot of strange shows) but good all at the same time
And then there was everything else, which for me included:
I watched the first generation only
(maybe part of the second)
Power Rangers
Yes, I watched more than just this but this is the majority of it all I think.