Monday, March 2, 2015

We Bought a Zoo - I Wish. A weekend filled with grandparents and lots of animals is just as nice

So we didn't really buy a zoo but my dad did drive all the way out to Spokane (on Valentine's Day), picked Cohen, Olivia, and me up, and drove us all the way back home. Cohen sat in the back with Olivia and watched a few movies (Wreck it Ralph included. It's probably his new favorite movie). We got in around 8pm, Cohen ran around for like an hour before he had to go to sleep, and we chatted for a while until I could put Olivia down and get some sleep too.
patiently waiting for Papa

Trying to decide which cookie wants

Sunday was church, of course. But after church my Dad, Cohen, Olivia, and I went for a walk. Cohen sat in the double stroller with Olivia for part of the walk but ended up hoping out and walking on his own for the majority of it. On our way back to the house Cohen was running along the path on the grass and face planted into a puddle. He was fine, just wet and we kept on walking. After checking out the little creek that runs along the path and throwing some rocks into it Cohen decided to run down a little hill which of course had a huge puddle at the bottom of it and sunk into it. After I had to pull him out of the puddle we discovered it was a VERY muddy puddle so he was official a mess. We made it back to the house and Cohen needed to clean up asap. 

saving Cohen from the mud puddle

Dumping out the gunk from his shoes

On Monday my dad, Cohen, Olivia, and I drove out to the zoo!! We got to the park and had fun seeing all the animals who weren't hiding from the chilly weather. Cohen LOVED every thing there but his favorite parts was seeing the monkeys and saying hi to them and playing at the park at the zoo. After the zoo we got burgers and shakes and picked up Jessy and her friend from the mall. That night Olivia, my mom and I watched a Cary Grant movie we hadn't seen before.

The next day Cohen helped my mom make blueberry muffins and we went to the local farm park to see all the animals. Cohen LOVED seeing all of them and playing with the rocks. After the park we went to Jamba Juice and went to the mall. We also went to Target after dinner with my mom and Jessy. Olivia, my mom, and I started another Cary Grant movie that night we hadn't seen but it was a little too old for both of us (one of his first films) so we switched to a different one of his that we love.

little baby goats that were just born that day!!

Snuggles with her new stuffed animal, Softy.

Wednesday was our last day there. We hung out at the house until my dad was done with work. We said goodbye and loaded up in the car. Cohen and my dad got of the car to see the Snoqualmie waterfall really fast. We made it home around nine. My dad stayed the night and he headed back home the next day.

"I found you Papa."


We made it home