Friday, August 31, 2012

Stretch Marks

Let me sum up my stretch marks for you - we went to my doctor appointment yesterday and had to see the nurse practitioner who when she went to measure my stomach and hear the heart beat and her face said it all. And then she said "you didn't get stretchy skin did you? Poor thing."
It's so true though... I look like my stomach got attacked by a tiger and I just barely made it out of there. I have stretch marks everywhere affected by pregnancy. I know that they'll fade eventually at least... I just hope I don't get too many more with each pregnancy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

27 August 2012

Hoping there are twins in there since I'm that big

This Friday Dave and I went out to dinner with his coworkers at McCormick and Schmick's which was good yummy fun. Then after getting home around 10:30 we headed to bed since we were leaving the next morning for the Bay Area to see little Maia Fernandez's baby blessing! 
We packed up that morning and grabbed the car seat and the baby go bags just in case we had the baby while out there. It took us an hour to get out of Sacramento and not because there was an accident, road work, or anything like that, just stupid drivers (we've decided California drivers aren't the best... with their lack of signaling and no courtesy at all). Well we finally made it to their apartment and chatted for a little bit and then we headed to Five Guys which I have been missing like crazy lately! It was so good. Then we went over to Sara's parent's house where all of us girls went to Costco to pick up stuff for the lunch after church. At Costco I almost fell into the cart when I was putting a cheesecake into it. Luckily I caught my balance eventually. Then when we were leaving the cart grabber asked who's baby Maia was between Sara and me. Seriously? After saying she was Sara's he was all "oh how fun you'll both have babies so close in age." After Costco we went back to the apartment where we lounged around and enjoyed dinner before going to bed.
That morning we all got ready and then went to church. At church little Maia got blessed which was fun to get to be a part of. It made me even more excited to have this little monster who is still growing inside me. After sacrament we went to Sara's parent's house and had such a great lunch and dessert. Afterwards we had to leave and drove back home. The drive felt like it took forever even though it was only a two and a half hour drive. We were glad to be back home though and Comet was glad to be out of his cage for a little bit before we headed to bed.
It was nice to get out of the apartment this weekend and see friends. We're also glad that our little boy didn't come this weekend so we could have our baby closer to home.
We also made sure to practice getting the car seat in and out of the base and the stroller when we got home from our trip! Something we totally didn't think about until seeing Sara get Maia's car seat in and out all weekend.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

9 Months and Feeling Huge

Today I'm 36 weeks pregnant! It's crazy how fast it's gone by but at the same time I feel like it's taking forever.
My mom and sister drove down on Tuesday from Washington so they could see me pregnant and be with me while Dave was in New Jersey. It was great being able to catch up. We did A LOT of shopping too while they were here, thanks for the baby stuff you two bought us! I feel all prepared stuff wise for this baby besides just needing a chair for his room now so that's awesome. My mom was kind enough and bought me a couple of maternity shirts too since now all my shirts can't really cover the giant belly. We also ate lots of yummy food from Costa Vida, On The Border, Chille's, and Olive Garden along with making a beautiful Blueberry French Toast Casserole for breakfast. They both went to my dr apt with me which was fun since my mom grew up with the dr. We also went and got pedicures which is great since I can't reach my toes very well anymore either. All and all it was a lot of fun and made having Dave gone much easier.
As far as pregnancy goes, IcyHot has become my new best friend. My upper back has been killing me for about two weeks now (no it's not contractions despite what the crazy lady who answers the phone at the doctor's office after hours was thinking... she doesn't like a shoulder blade is considered as part of your back) but then we went and picked up some IcyHot (after the phone call to make sure it was ok) and it's definitely improved my back pain, which means I've been sleeping a little better at night (not a lot but I'll take what I can get).

this is actually at 35 weeks... still have yet to take my 36 weeks picture
but it's not much different

I look like I'm sneaking a basketball under my shirt

cleaned all the bottles and such

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keeping Busy

I know the idea of being able to stay home all day sounds lovely, but it definitely has it's time of expiration. This is something I learned while living in AZ. Luckily we lived close to my Uncle Lowell and Aunt Sara and she kind enough to come out and take me out to do things every once and a while. Living here though I'm pretty much on my own (minus my husband, but he's at work). With being pregnant it's been nice to have something/someone else to think about and occupy my time with but it's also given me time to work on things that I might not be able to do for a while after the baby is here. So I've done lots of painting, drawing, reading, movie watching (a little too much of that one), baking, calling my mom, and working on my photography (which I didn't do in AZ for some reason) taking pictures of anything and everything I can find close at hand (i.e. Comet, neighbor's cat, lots of desserts, and trying to take pictures when visiting with family and friends). I'm sure I'll get to take lots of pictures of the baby since he'll pretty much consume my life for a while as I get to know him and he gets to know me and we work on establishing a routine that's going to get bounced around for a couple of months. Yes, I do get bored a lot but I've got about a month (who knows for sure) till this little monster is here so I've decided to enjoy my last moments of boredom (if that even makes sense).

Monday, August 6, 2012

6 August 2012

This last weekend we had my old roommate (from the dorms) Jessica and her husband Stephen over for games and dessert. It was a lot of fun being able to catch up, be a little social, and do something a little different from the routine.

We also went and saw the new Batman movie this weekend. It was pretty good, I still like the first one the best personally, but it was alright. I personally don't know why they chose to do Bane as the villain in the movie (seeing as he wasn't even around until the 90s and Batman's been around since 1939) and there are a lot more other original bad guys they still could've used (even ones that aren't main famous ones (ie Riddler) like Clayface or even Mad Hatter) but oh well. I also think that when they hint at Officer Blake being Robin they should've actually used the first name of a Robin character rather than saying Robin. But maybe that's all just because I like the older original Batman more than the 80s and on stuff (unless it's an Alex Ross creation like "Kingdom Come" or "Justice" but that's because he's a fan of the classics and an awesome artist).

As far as pregnancy goes, I'm ready to just have our little baby already. I feel like I'm as mentally/emotionally prepared as I'm going to get about all this and I just want to hold him already. I'm 34 weeks as of Saturday and I've already started planning on taking a lot of big walks as soon as I can as well as doing anything else I can do to induce labor once it's safe and fine for him to get here. As far as baby stuff goes for being prepared for the baby we've got almost everything... we still need bottles in case I can't nurse right away, a chair for in the baby's room so I have somewhere close to the crib to sit with him, baby towel (at least one more) and washcloths, diaper cream,  and a couple other things but other than that we're pretty much set. We've got some clothes (we didn't want to get a ton of newborn clothes not knowing how long he'll be in them but we've got a couple in all sizes and will go from there), blankets, binkies, diapers, wipes, the crib, changing table, a video baby monitor, burp cloths, Dave's old ipod loaded up with music and set up on the ipod player, etc. I have my last 2 weeks dr appointment next week and should start going every week after that (that's what he said at least). I've got lots of stretch marks (despite using lotion, but who knows I could have even more I guess without it). I don't get a lot of sleep usually. I feel him moving around all the time which is fun and see my belly move with him. He gets hiccups a lot. And I've decided I don't ever want to be this pregnant again in the summer time if I can help it, plus we don't need anymore sept big events in our family.
This is what my belly looks like from my point of view
What I look like to everyone else

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wondering What Baby Looks Like

I can't help myself but wonder who/what this little guy looks like. The only things I can figure on planning on is him being very prone to getting sunburns since both Dave and I are and he'll probably have fair eyes (Dave having green and mine and blue) but other than that I have no clue.
Here are pictures of both of us from baby to High School-