Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Boredom

I seem to always create something while bored but I love that that's my thing I guess or I wouldn't do this all the time. The other day in Relief Society we had the Young Women with us for opening exercises and they had handed out the motto to all the women so everyone could say it with them, thank goodness they did that because they had added another value on me! Well I had kept mine in the new "Daughters in My Kingdom" book that they had handed out (it's so well put together!!! way to go) and I just happened to start flipping through it and saw the little motto and decided I wanted a fancy version of it so I made this -
I wanted emphasis on the & in the value section to remind me to look for the new value virtue!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh 9 Chickweed Lane

This one isn't an announcement or anything but I'm pretty sure I'd kill Dave if he did that!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it." - J.M. Barrie, (Peter Pan)

19 September 2011

It's well past update time.... So last weekend Dave and I drove to Rexburg, ID to drop my little brother off at school for his 3rd semester there. We left at midnight, saturday morning, and began the mighty trek. Dave drove for the majority of the trip (I drove for maybe 3 hours) while Tommy and I slept for most of it. We arrived and went straight to Tommy's apartment to get him all checked in and take his stuff from the car into his new place. As soon as that was done we drove to St. Anthony where our hotel was and crashed into our bed. We took a little power nap and then I met up with Camille (which I'm so sad we didn't take any pictures together) and Dave met up with his friend Shawn. Camille and I went to a little local restaurant called Sammy's which was pretty good and then we went back to her cute little married housing apartment and watched "How I Met Your Mother".
-Oh side note, I started working at my job before the trip to Rexburg... but I can't mention where it is I work because it's in the little guide book not to tell people where I work, so if you know shhhh. But let's just say I love it there where I work.-
The next day was fishing... we drove out to our little location, hiked out to the river when Dave decided to walk across the river to go fishing on a little island. Well Dave is a lot taller than I am so crossing the river was easy for him (and his canadian thick skin, the water was FREEZING) but when I went out into the river I just happened to walk through the deep part and got stuck so Dave had to come back out and help me. Once on our little island we ate our lunch and began our fishing adventure which consisted of no catches. But we had fun doing something we like to do together which was great, until I remember I had to go back across the freezing water. I watched Dave a little better this time knowing not to go into the deep part and I was just about to make it onto land when I fell. Yes it's true. I fell in with my purse too. Which of course was a cavern and decided to be like a bucket and just hold all the water in so it pulled me down into the river yet again. I threw the purse onto dirt and Dave dumped everything out while I climbed up. Everything was drenched.... so we laid it all out under the back window to dry since it was a super hot day, drove over to our old boss Don's house and chatted with him and his wife until we went to visit with Shawn while we waited for Camille to get back. That night we chatted for a little bit with Camille and Brandon but were out like rocks before our heads even hit our pillows.
-oh and everything works fine except for my little camera, but the phone and ipod survived!!-
The next day we swam at Shawn's pool early in the morning, then we grabbed some food at this cute little dinner in Rexburg and then went over to campus to see the new building and sky bridge that weren't even open when we were there last. It was cool to see the changes but nice knowing we weren't going to school there. We then met up with Tommy and helped him run a few errands, got dinner, and picked up some cupcakes from "The Coco Bean" which is my all time favorite cupcake place (the use real creamy flavored frosting along with great flavored cupcakes). Then we headed back to the Giullian's, then Dave went over to Shawn's till late so I was already asleep by the time he got back.
We woke up and I was the designated driver for pretty much the majority of the drive which was fine with me. Although there was this one time while driving a little cub bear ran across the freeway and straight into a fence! He wasn't hit by any cars thankfully for both parties but that poor little guy, I wanted to help him out so bad but knew that probably wasn't a good idea. He was really cute though and was able to make it safely back across the other side of the freeway again.
Pretty much since our little trip I've worked a few times and Dave's been busy with his job. I've had two job interviews but so far nothing (as far as I know). I was also able to talk to my friend Kristen on skype which was great since I hadn't seen her since last year at school (she and Bobby got married the same day as Dave and I).
use chatting

Monday, September 19, 2011

My New Project

This is for my little "Into the Woods" paper doll project I've been working on. I did the wolf, Cinderella, and The Baker's Wife

Here's another sample with a few other characters

P.S. I launched my new photography blog!! So go and check it out, follow, and comment.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I want...

both are from the disney store :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

so funny

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Tommy and Jessy

Tommy (Goob) - Thank you for always being a great friend through all the years! Happy 19th birthday, I love you!

Jessy (Baby-cakes) Thanks for always being my little photo-buddy! Love you!! Happy 13th

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting" - J.M. Barrie, (Peter Pan)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Newest Project

My favorite musical is "Into the Woods" and I'm making paper dolls of all the characters... here's what I have so far.

Day Late - Happy Birthday Dear Husband

 David Scott Zaugg was born 27 years (and one day along with his twin Katherine) ago! I'm so glad to have him as a part in my life!! Thank you for all you've brought to me and I look forward to the many birthdays, Christmases, Anniversaries, etc to come with you.

I Want...

Both are from Ruche!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

4 September 2011

Time for another update I suppose... Today is my one year anniversary to Dave! But I'll get to that later...
I've been busy babysitting, getting my Washington driver's license, hanging out with Molly, and hanging out with my family for the last week or so.
Dave and I exchanged anniversary presents a few days early, we couldn't wait any longer (I know patience is a virtue). I got Dave a reel and the line needed for one of his fly fishing rods that he had and Dave bought me a beautiful pearl necklace.
Yesterday we celebrated our anniversary early too. We drove out to North Bend to get Dave his license, but after the 40 min drive we realized they were closed (even though they're normally open on Saturdays). Thankfully the drive is a gorgeous one with the mountains, trees, and river. After that we stopped washed the car, grabbed some groceries and a few movies (Limitless, Arthur, and Source Code... we've watched all but the last and they've all been good so far), and picked up some paint. We then went and got some very yummy clam chowder!
Yes this is one of those "Honey, let's take a picture" "Do we have to?" moments
We finally painted the two walls we wanted to paint in our living room this pretty green color too. Oh and I colored my hair the other day too... I'm officially a brunette now, no more fighting it.
Now we just have to look forward to Dave's birthday tomorrow, Tommy and Jessy's birthday on the 9th, and driving Tommy out to Rexburg this next weekend.

New hair color
Painting the walls

One Year Anniversary

Today is our 1 year anniversary... I love you so much honey and I look forward to all the years to come!
Over this one year of marriage we have -
Lived somewhere very hot
Moved to somewhere where it rains all the time
Went to Flagstaff where we froze
Spent Thanksgiving weekend with the Griffin cousins, the Milnes, and Aunt Viola
Had our own little Christmas just the two of us
Gone to many movies
Went to one Suns game
Saw Rob Schnider live
Had visits from family
Visited family
Went to New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and Washington DC for a month
Were able to see friends sealed in the temple
Wanted to adopt at least three little puppies
and more... Thank you for all the memories!!