Monday, July 28, 2014

More Visitors (we love them)!!

We had Dave's twin sister, Katherine, and her husband Reed stay with us this weekend. It was so fun to see Katherine again and to get to officially meet Reed (I met him at our open house in Canada, but let's be honest, that was for two seconds and almost 4 years ago) since I wasn't able to go to their wedding because my passport got here too late.
They got here Friday afternoon and we were able to do some really fun things for the short time we had them with us.
We were able to go to the river where Cohen LOVED digging in the dirt and wandering around in the water looking for fish with Dave. We got in shopping time, eating lots of tasty foods, and played Hand and Foot twice.
Cohen loved all the attention (as usual) from our visitors. And we loved getting in some more time with other adults.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Project for Cohen

I saw all these cute little characters a couple of times on pinterest/etsy/other sites and finally decided I wanted that to be a project I could do for Cohen. So I bought my first bag of eight guys at Hobby Lobby along with paint and started working on them. I had only bought red, blue, and black paint at first planning on going back for a couple more colors later on. Because of this I knew I wanted to do superheroes that used mostly those colors and chose 4 DC and 4 Marvel characters and got started. Luckily those colors are your basic superhero colors so it was easy to get in the major ones, including Spider-Man, who is Cohen's favorite (Cohen calls him "funnel", how he came up with this one we do not know). I went back to the store and got yellow, white, green and purple. Knowing I'd use two of them for sure with this project and hoping to use the other two if it turned out to be a success.

When I finished up my first batch Cohen instantly recognized a few of them and loved to play with his "guys" so I went back to Hobby Lobby and picked up another bag and decided to cross of another 8 superheroes from my list of ones to do.

I worked on the second batch of supers faster than the first since I had more of an idea what I was doing this time:

all finished

Playing with his first and second batch of supers:

He now has:
Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Captain Marvel, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Black Canary from DC
Marvel supers are Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, The Phoenix (Jean Grey), Colussus, Thor, and Hulk.

Papa visit

Cohen (and Dave and I) were lucky to get a visit from Papa Murphy this week. Cohen LOVES his Papa so the two full days he was here he was IN HEAVEN.
My dad got here Wednesday pretty late at night and both Cohen and Dave were already asleep but the next morning Cohen was excited (and a little shy since he just woke up) to see Papa. We got to go and show him the backyard, Cohen's favorite place to be. Then the three of us went to Home Depot where Cohen got an American flag, my dad got us some stuff for our pitiful garden, and at the checkout counter we were told Cohen looked a lot like his dad (my dad) and there was a little of me in there too. It was pretty funny. Then we ran to Target and picked up supplies for stores and then we went to Lowe's since Target was out of roasting sticks.
While Cohen napped my dad and Dave did work stuff and I finished up a project I'm working on for Cohen. After his nap we went to Safeway and picked up a couple things for dinner. Then we roasted hotdogs over our fire pit for dinner followed by s'mores for dessert with more outside playtime.
That night before Cohen went to bed Dave and my dad went to Cabella's and I did some drawing on my computer.

trying out a s'more

Watching Papa and Daddy leave
snuggles with Mommy while we watch Lilo and Stitch for a half hour before bed time

The next day my dad and Dave both had to be on calls and get work done. Both of them were done though a little after Cohen's nap so we went to Manitoba Park, again (we love it even more). Cohen even was allowed to do the splash pad part since we were prepared this time. He wasn't the biggest fan of it but got wet. He still loved running around the playground though. We also walked to one of the gardens there (which was GORGEOUS). After the park we stopped at Dick's Drive-in and got shakes/dole whips. We then headed towards home, picked up Panda Express, are, Cohen had a bath since he was covered in sweat and chocolate shake, and then we went mini golfing. Dave got a hole in one on the first hole and so did the rest of us, with Cohen's help. Pretty much every hole was we got one shot and Cohen would take it from there. Luckily all the adults all got one real whole in one by the end and Cohen was a happily little entertained guy while we played "bolf".
The next morning us Zauggs were up at 8 (who knows how long my dad had been up). Cohen got to hang out with his Papa for a half hour and then he was on the road.
We loved having him here and Cohen is still listing all the fun things we got to do while Papa was here.

Helping Mommy make waffles 

he decided he wanted to watch Lilo and Stitch 2 instead of finishing the first one

playing Lego Batman 2 with Mommy
shopping at Hobby Lobby

Showing Papa his new "guys"

Waiting for Daddy and Papa to come back with our treats