Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Exploring Downtown

We had a gorgeous Saturday so we decided we wanted to get out of the house and see some of downtown Spokane. We went to the riverfront park down there where they have a GIANT wagon as a slide. We walked along the river and saw some ducks and then we went on the carousel. Cohen was still to nervous to go on one of the animals so we all sat on one of the benches. After the carousel we walked to a bookstore and looked around in there for a little bit before we had to head back home to eat lunch and then put Cohen down for his nap. It was a perfect little outing for our family.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Seeing Tommy (and almost the rest of my family)

This last weekend we got to see my brother Tommy for the first time in two years. It was awesome being able to actually talk to him. We left friday a little before one so Cohen could nap in the car. When we got to my parents' house Cohen instantly went to go find the little pig statue they have on the front porch and he was very confused when he saw it wasn't there (they had moved it when they had their house painted and hadn't put it back yet). My dad answered the door and Cohen ran into the kitchen looking for "damma". We all hung out for a bit waiting for Tommy and Jessy to get back from the temple. Cohen was a little shy with a new person at Papa and Damma's house. After dinner all the boys packed up in the car and headed out to do some fishing while I helped my mom with pies. After the first set of pies were loaded into the oven my mom, Jessy, and I went to Target so I could get some maternity clothes since the ones I had from my last pregnancy were for latter on in the pregnancy and still too big but most of my shirts are too short to cover my belly now. On our way out of Target we ran into the boys and I was greeted by a very wet Cohen. Apparently he had full on ran into the water up to his waste. I went back into Target with them while my mom and Jessy went home. After shopping it was well past Cohen's bed time but he still needed to calm down. After he finally got all settled down and put into bed we all hung out for a bit talking until we all went to bed ourselves.

Saturday morning Dave, Cohen and I went to go see Molly and Frank while my parents and Tommy were at a Temple sealing. We both finished up our outings about the same time and met up (after we picked up Jessy and some McDonald's for Cohen) at Ivar's for lunch. Cohen had to make sure he greeted everyone who came in while eating his nuggets. After Ivar's my family and Cohen went home and Dave and I went to see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. We got there like an hour early so we stopped into Barnes and Noble and Sports Authority to kill some time. After our movie we went back to my parent's house and hung out until 7 when Tommy and I loaded up in our car and my mom, dad, and Jessy took my dad's car and we went to a wedding reception. We were there for about an hour then Tommy and I went home while my parents went to another wedding reception and Jessy stayed and helped at the first one.

Molly and Frank's neighbors have llama's!!
Cohen loved feeding them grass

Stopping for milkshakes after his nap

Sunday morning my mom made thin pancakes for breakfast which we discovered Cohen LOVES. After breakfast we still had a long time to get ready before 1 o'clock church. We went to church (where Cohen didn't have to be taken out of the chapel even once!!) And got to hear Tommy's homecoming talk which was great. After everyone was home from church Cohen played Rock Band with Papa and did Legos with Tommy. After a fantastic dinner my dad and Tommy went to a stake priesthood meeting and Jessy took some pictures of us. Then Cohen got some great play time in with Damma playing chase. After Cohen went to bed and everyone was back we played a few rounds of Hand and Foot.

Watching Veggie Tales before church

After church silliness

Trying to get Uncle Thomas to play with him

looking at the picture to build the train

He LOVED his choo-choo that Uncle Thomas built him


giving us both a BIG hug

The next morning we were up early, said goodbye and were on our way back to Spokane.
Even though it was a short visit we were able to do a lot of fun things and we loved being able to see my family.

not happy that we have to leave
eating a chocolate muffin with Papa