Monday, August 29, 2011

Attempted Drawing

So I attempted to draw a picture of Dave and me.... this is what I came up with - 
Pretty much it looks like a couple just not us... oh well. Oh and this is the photo I referenced -

Thursday, August 25, 2011

23 August 2011

I'm back in my little apartment (so glad to be home too) from California which is where I was for a week with my family (except for Dave who had to work, poor Dave). We left right after my ward's sacrament meeting for the Bay Area where we stayed the night (we got in at 2 am and I jumped straight into the bed, oh and we definitely watched the first two movies of "Lord of the Rings" extended versions on the way down.... it was a long drive). In the morning we met up with our Griffin cousins who live up there and it was a ton of fun to see them and catch up since I hadn't seen them for seven years (yes I know it's sad to go that long without seeing them). Then we all piled back into the van and headed down to LA. We got some food at Buca de Beppo's which is a wonderful Italian restaurant then we went to our hotel in Anaheim.
With our Griffin Cousins
We woke up and headed straight for Disneyland and California Adventure where we rode a ton of rides, had some fun foods that only Disneyland has, and enjoyed the Disney spirtit.... for three full long days (I was so worn out (pictures Day One, Day Two, and Day Three ).

and yes we were in the exact same elevator in the exact same seat

Friday my day was completely devoted to my best friend Camille Murphy (now Giullian). I was able to go through the temple with her for her first time which was awesome and then we went to In-and-Out for lunch. After realizing it was a lot later than we thought we took our food and headed over to where Camille was going to have her hair done. After her hair was all curled, set, and ready to go went went back to the Murphy house (no relation by the way) and she did her make up and put on her wedding dress, I put on jeans, flip flops and a top, and then we went to a park where we had Brandon (her husband, fiance then) blind folded and they got their pictures taken (I helped the photographer as well as took a few of my own). After that we raced to the place where Camille was having her reception. I quickly put on my bridesmaid outfit and we all went outside and did the group pictures and then the party began. It was fun to see some old faces from my childhood at Camille and Brandon's reception and see all the people who wanted to share in this exciting time in their lives.
Getting her hair done

The next morning my parents and I headed to the New Port Beach Temple again and were able to see Camille and Brandon sealed for all time and eternity (Jennifer and Dusty made it there too so it was fun to see them). After some more pictures, Jenn, Dusty and I went to the mall right by the temple and were going to grab Jenn some flip flops but were stopped by a lady at one of the make up counters who wouldn't take no as an answer so we got our make up done, needless to say the majority of it was wiped off when we got back into the car. We went to Camille's church and met up with my family and all of Camille and Brandon's families and had the wedding day lunch-in where we ate delicious Mexican food and heard stories about the newly weds, as well as a very funny skit by Blake and Tommy (Camille's dad and brother-in-law). After the lunch-in I said goodbye to the bride and headed with my family down to Temecula where we went to Jordan Price's reception for a little bit and saw some people from our old ward. Then we went to Hayley Guinn's house and chatted all night long. We finally went to our hotel and slept.
Sunday morning was filled with going to our old ward's sacrament meeting and then packing up in the car again. Where we drove to my stepgrandma Maria's house by Fresno and ate dinner and caught up and then got into the van again for and drove another 2ish hours to our hotel where I once again leaped into bed. Monday we woke up drove to Redding where I bought Dave a few flies for fishing, were almost to Salem, OR when our A/C broke down and we tried to get it fixed but they couldn't do anything, we visited with our Murphy cousins in Salem and then drove on to Redmond.
All in all the trip was a lot of fun and I loved being able to see cousins and old friends again as well as go to Disneyland and participate in Camille's wedding.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

6 August 2011

I'm so excited that we're finally in our little apartment in Redmond! We had many things we had to get done before our journey was complete. One being the interview for Dave's green card!
We had turned in the paper work months ago and kept waiting for the day to come when we had to go in for the interview (which we expected to be like in the movies "Green Card" and "The Proposal" but it wasn't really like that which we're ok with). Well we finally had the interview scheduled and then we found out we were moving up to Redmond so we had to make sure we were still in AZ for the interview and then we wanted to leave for WA right after that but the movers had a different plan.
We had boxed everything up in about a week. This is what the apartment looked like all boxed up - 

So the movers came Wednesday morning (the day after the interview... we wanted them the day before it) and they all commented as they came in individually on our piano that we have. Which is beautiful and has been in my family forever and we're so glad to have but those poor movers had to lift a heavy very old piano and they were not very excited about that. But after they had loaded that up they loaded up the bed which they also all commented on saying it was a really light bed and to never get a temper-pedic bed so they wouldn't ever have to lift that (I guess they're really heavy).
They finally had everything loaded up, we said goodbye to our apartment and hit the road. We drove 12ish hours to Ogden, UT where we met up with Travis and Emily at like 12 at night to chat and grab some food (I was pretty much a sleep the whole time)

Just taking off

 After we met up with Travis and Emily we dove into our hotel bed and were sad to see the sleeping hours go by as quickly as they did. When the alarm went off we got ready and left for Pendelton, OR where Dave's brother Lance and his family live. This time the drive was about 8ish hours.

 We stayed over at Lance's house for a few hours and then went to our hotel slept, went back to there house for about an hour and then took off again. This last bit of driving was 4ish hours long and then we finally made it to our apartment.

 We signed our lease, loaded the car that was filled to the brim (we could hear it as it dragged around corners and over bumps) into our apartment and got some more things from my parent's house. I went to Blake Risenmay's homecoming thing at his house with my family and it was great to see his family and him again as well as a few other high school friends too!

Today we ran to Target and bought our first kitchen table (which is too cute and I love it... I can't believe we went almost a year without one) and a few other things we needed for our new apartment, went to Best Buy to pick up a new (old) modem so we could get our internet (because apparently the one we got like 5 months ago was too new that comcast didn't have it in their system yet), bought groceries, and had my siblings help us out with the unloading of everything. (The boys helped out yesterday too with the car unloadings, I'm so glad I have such helpful brothers)
In our new apartment

We're the 2nd level apt
So excited about my table! I just have to build the other two chairs now