Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20 August 2013

This last week we had Dave's dad with us. Here are some of the things we got to do:
The first day Cohen, Rod, and I walked up the hill to Jamba, Jimboy's, Best Buy, etc while Dave was at work. When Dave got home from work he still had a couple of work things to do so him and Cohen were hard at work on their computers.

Day two consisted of another walk up the hill for more Jamba and Buy Buy Baby so Rod could buy one of the pictures of Cohen from the Picture People without having to worry about shipping it for just a sheet. We also went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, where Cohen so nicely spilled icey water all over my pants. After dinner (don't worry my pants were pretty close to dry) we went to Target, came home, and played a dominos game while Cohen was asleep.

he's gotten really good at doing the fishy face like mommy

On the third day we hung out at the house and Dave worked from home. Cohen got to watch Star Wars for the first time. The grown ups played Phase 10 that night.

The fourth day Rod, Cohen and I went to Winco and Walmart to give Dave some uninterrupted work time from home. Then we drove to downtown Sacramento and ate at Joe's Crab Shack and walked around Old Sac.

He was all shy and cuddly when we were waited to be seated

jealous of the kid at the other table's balloon animal

The fifth day Cohen woke up a little early so he got some fun play time for an hour and then Dave got him to go back to sleep. Then we went to Costco, Jimboys, and Coldstone. Dave and Cohen both took an afternoon nap; Cohen woke up after about 45 mins though so we went to the pool while Dave still slept. After the pool we threw the homemade pizzas in the oven which we then gobbled up and then Cohen got to have his "birthday" cake (for while Grandpa Zaugg was in town). He LOVED it. I made my banana cake and it was a hit for everyone. After getting cleaned up Dave and Cohen opened presents. Cohen got some more wooden cars from Grandpa and some Marvel slipon shoes from us and Dave and Cohen got a cool remote control car from Grandpa. The grown ups played Hand and Foot that night. 


cool car parked by coldstone

my shadow

helped take out the trash

checking the mail


Day six was Sunday so we went to church but before that I finally got some pictures of Cohen/Sandman

he loves getting tossed in the air

more playtime with the new car

 The last  day we walked up the hill one last time the three of us for more Jamba and we got to see the construction going on by our apt. Rod and I ran a few errands while Cohen napped. Then we all went to Claim Jumper for dinner that night. 

he loves to shake his booty