Friday, June 5, 2015

Life as of Late

Life has been crazy/the norm these days. We've been outside a lot, saw both grandparents, finally did family pictures with our family of four and watching both my babies growing up so fast.

trying out baby food for the first time. She LOVED it 

getting to play with Dave's old toys

cohen LOVES puzzles

"Blast off!!!"

Olivia loves looking at books

First time sitting in a cart.
6 mos old

superhero parade 
cozy car ride with Edgar

Cohen "wrote" Olivia after Dave wrote Cohen

he loves "riding" his bike

putting on his shoes all by himself

trying out potty training for the second time

"Calling all justice leaguers"

helping daddy hang up my mother's day gift

trying to get a picture of them together for Grandma Mary

reading while eating
playing Transformers together

They both slept in my bed with me one night while Dave was out of town

Cohen's first time having Olivia sit in the cart. He was SO excited

she LOVES munching on dried apple slices
waiting for Dave's plane to get in

painting with mommy

reading with Grandpa

at Tomato street

checking out the ladybug on his shoulder
all set to go to Papa and Grandma's

Cohen let Olivia hold Frogger when she was crying in the car
eating baby food in McDonald's while waiting for my parents so Dave could go fishing with my dad and my mom could finish the drive with us.

sneaky PBS Kids watching
napping girl
napping boys

YUMMY dessert

Hand and Foot
Cohen tried to play

learning how to fly fish

coloring on our ride home
surprise gift for Cohen when we got back to our house

taking George to go get donuts

the donuts were HUGE

finally got Cohen a basketball hoop