Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 30, 2008

Today was my first time I went and did visiting teaching, it was so exciting and nerve racking. I also had my visiting teachers come over today, I LOVE them, they were both trying to think of people they could set me up with today, it was kind of funny and felt good. My dad has been wanting to set me and Tommy up with blind dates a lot lately. It's all a little weird, but it's a part of life I guess.
Have you ever been someone who wishes on stars, holds their breath in tunnel and makes a wish, or tries to blow out all the candles on a birthday cake to make a wish. This has been me my whole life. I guess you can say I'm a bit of a dreamer. But I don't do it because I know that if I wish for it it'll happen, I just enjoy the act of doing it. Hoping and pretending for that moment that it'll maybe come true. Like when I was little I'd wish for the my size barbie jeep, then when I got a little older it was that a boy would like me and tell me, now I wish for things to happen in my future. I guess you can kind of say it's like a prayer in my heart, but it's a little different, like I wouldn't pray for a barbie jeep, but I want my family to be safe, and for people to find themselves. Maybe it's just learning to seperate things that are for yourself versus what you want for others to make them happy. I don't really know where I'm going with this and I didn't intend for it to get this long, I guess I got caught in one of my SC moments, oh well...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 17, 2008

Today was my second day of training for work. Both days were kind of slow, but I've had to learn a lot about running shoes these two days. Things like:

-Does the person pronate, supinate, or are the neutral

-What type of shoe to have them try on based on their pronation/supination... meaning are they in Motion Control, Stablility/Performance, or Neutral shoes

-The different brands we carry (Mizuno, Brooks, Asics, Saucony, and a couple of Nikes)

-The styles of shoes within the brands and what catagory they fall under ( ex: Mizuno Alchemy (motion), Mizuno Inspire (stability), Mizuno Creation (neutral), and Mizuno Rider (neutral)

-The cushioning systems used by the different brands like Mizuno uses a wave plate

But overall I'm really enjoying it all.

Besides all of that yesterday I started painting my neverland on this big canvas... it's really fun, exciting, and interesting to watch as it progresses.

Peanut Butter

Whoever invented peanut butter was a good man in my opinion. I love putting peanut butter on things. Such as:

PB&J (what I'll be living off of in college)

PB on Oreos (yes I got it from the parent trap but it's AMAZING)

PB mixed with syrup and heated up in the microwave and then you dip pancakes in it

PB on apples

A spoon full of PB

PB shakes

and the new best thing that was my complete idea licorice and PB (soooo good)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Behind My Neverland There's This Girl

I've always been viewed as the good journal keeper... well I've never really been one. My journals are all filled with poems and pros, a few drawings here and there, and songs I want to buy. So this will be my real journal I guess...
But here's something I wrote a while back that explains this blogs name and maybe me a little:
My Neverland
Did he name it neverland because even though to him it was real and for that moment when people saw it in his play it was real to them, he knew that it could never exist, it was a never land, never real, and imagination, a place to escape to in his mind, but then don't we all have a neverland with maybe even a neverlife, not a fairytail life but a neverlife, the one you can imagine and at certain times believe in its existance even though it really never was there, my neverland is filled with many beautiful things, the entrance is through a wooden gate, covered by ivy and clovers, and when i turn the handle i enter into my neverland and my neverlife, there i can sail the seven seas with the glorious pirate queen, Grace O'Malley, i can dive off and climb the ocean waves on the path given to me by the moon and as i climb the mood grows closer and i'm able to live upon it with the man in the moon as we count and wish upon the stars, i taste the sweet sugars that falling stars leave behind them as their tail while they race through the air, but when i tire of the sugars and stars i ride down from the constalation view point upon a slow falling star, when i reach the earth's beautiful ground again i call to my white stag and we race with the unicorns and centars, the purple breeze playing with my golden hair, braiding it with lilacs and roses, as it splashes me with mists of fair lilly scents, my stag always wins and he lets me off slowly as he watches me run to the faires and the mermaids who promise to show me their worlds if i can tell them the stories of mine, the mermaids give me pearls and shells which i wear as my necklaces and earings and the faires give me soft geathers and fine spider webs so i can sew together a beatiful dress, we laugh, dance, and sing, then i bid them farewell and promise to bring stories from my world to them, then i approach the beautiful snow white stag who is my companion and friend, who's beautiful eyes watch me like a loving father over a young child, i hug him tight around his neck and he nuzzles his nose in my hair, he takes me through beautiful gardens filled with roses, lillies, lilacs, pansies, and baby's-breath, we pass a white bench that sits beside a blue weeping willow then we reach a gate, the one i secretly long for even as i feel a deep pain of dread, beyond that gate lies my real world, my realland, my reallife, but it my family, friends, and my love, i take the handle and ease the door to reality open, i turn around and whisper goodbye and that i'll return soon, my stag watches me leave and in my heart i feel him whisper goodbye and that he loves me too, i then turn back and step into my realland, to know that in my sleep i might dream about my neverland...
--gabrielle jean murphy july 16, 2008

So that's the flow of how my mind thinks... but this blog is to show more my realland than my neverland even though I'm lost in neverland sometimes...

September 13, 2008

I applied to a couple of places and now I finally have a job. I'm so happy now... first day is tuesday at Foot Zone...

Last night I saw "The Women" with my mom... I LOVED it... it was so funny and a feel good movie over all... plus there were no men at all in the movie... not something I'd think of... not to say that they didn't exist you just never saw them.... but it's a must see...

Today I took a bunch of pictures of two different families and they were both awesome... I hope to have those pictures as well as many others on foreverbeginstoday.blogspot.com I still have some pictures from this summer I have yet to put up.

The Girl Behind the Curtain

8 random facts that you may or may not know about me:

1. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah

2. I love finding something that can take my breath away.

3. I wish I grew up in the 40s.

4. My favorite movie is Finding Neverland

5. I love learning new things.

6. Creativity is one of my favorite things, in myself and in others.

7. I really want to go to Ireland and Italy one day.

8. I have my own Neverland

8 things you probably don't know about me:

1. I attempted the viola in the 4th grade.

2. I love to read comics, DC comics to be specific

3. I've always wanted to be cat woman for halloween, the old one who wore a dress with a hood that had cat ears on it, not the leather cat suit.

4. I hate going to dances, not because I don't like to dance because I do, I hate the music they play at both school and church dances.

5. I love trying peanut butter on new things.

6. Sometimes I sleep in just so I can dream.

7. I've always wanted to be an F1 racer.

8. I hate moving but I often yearn for change.