Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cohen - A Late 2 and a Half Years Old Post

I wanted to write down some things about Cohen at this stage in his life before I forget how cute he is / was.
Cohen still can't say his C, G, or Sp sounds correctly. Cs and ks are usually a T , Gs are usually a D , Qs are usually Tw, and Sp is usually a Ph sound. So when he says his full name it's "Tohen Tutter Zod" and Spiderman is "Fiderman". We also LOVE how he says goodbye and goodnight "Twobye" and "Twonight".
He has gotten much better at talking though and talks ALL THE TIME.
Cohen LOVES to play in the "batyad" (backyard), play with his "yah-dos" (Legos), "blots" (blocks), play with his superheroes or be superheroes, "dies" (guys- super pegdolls I made for him), and his "e-weeder buts" (e-reader books). He makes up stories and starts everyone with "Once upon a time". Most of his little stories are short, sweet, and about a boy named Cohen. He loves to draw, paint, use his scissors, and any crafty thing mommy is doing. His little imagination is starting to take off and I love watching him come up with the things he does.
Cohen also is a fan of putting all his clothes on by himself when I let him. If I tell him which way his shirts, pants, socks and shoes need to go for the most part he can do it all by himself. The only thing he can’t do for sure is putting on jackets yet but he can take them off by himself no problem. His ability to do things on his own is getting stronger each day and it makes me a little sad and grateful all at the same time.
Cohen knows how much we love to snuggle with him and will ask to "snuddle" whoever is putting him in bed so he can stay up a little longer.
Cohen is all about being a Big Boy. Sometimes when we tell him he's cute, silly, etc he will often say "I'm not (insert adjective here), I'm a Bid Boy". He also measures things in Baby size, Big Boy size, Mommy size, and Daddy size. So sometimes if he wants a BIG sip of water he will ask for a Daddy sip.
Along with that he loves to say who each character in a book or a movie is in relation to our family. So in the TV series Miles from Tomorrowland Cohen is Miles, Olivia is Elanor, I'm the Mom and Dave is the dad. Or in Wreck it Ralph he's Felix Jr, Dave's Ralph, I'm Calhoun, and Olivia is Vanillapea.
He is VERY opinionated and stubborn. He's also still a very curious boy and asks LOTS of questions. And will get into trouble because of his stubborn curiosity after multiple warnings. We just hope his curious nature leads to a smart young man.
Cohen LOVES to sing and I'll often here him singing while he plays with his toys. His favorite songs to sing are "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies, the alphabet song, twinkle twinkle, the Little Einsteins theme song, ba ba black sheep, row row row your boat, the "yoda song" he hums his version of the Star Wars theme song and the Superman theme song.
He LOVES your typical toddler snacks (minus cheerio), peas, Apples, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, breakfast foods, carrots, potatoes in all its forms, nuggets, corndogs, quesadillas, pears, bananas, and peaches. He's also a big fan of mommy's special peppermint hot chocolate and Gatorade.   

We Went to the "Baby" Zoo

So apparently there's a little zoo out by us so we went with some friends.  Olivia woke up from her first nap, had her rice cereal, and then we were out the door to try out this zoo since Cohen and I LOVE zoos.
This zoo was TINY but I'm glad we went and can cross it off our list. They had a bunch of different tigers, one bear, one lion, two sleeping cougar, and some bobcats. Cohen and his little friend Kate loved climbing on all the statues at the zoo. After we saw the animals we had a couple of snacks and then headed home. It was 75 degrees outside yesterday so it was great to get outside and have fun.
Before the zoo with my monkey
Olivia enjoying her bottle while mommy pays to get in

looking at the GIANT tigers

looking at "brother bear"
chillin on the grass while everyone else snacks

Cohen playing in the sprinkler after the zoo

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Weekend

We started out the weekend with some Easter pictures on Friday and getting Cohen to get a little excited about what was ahead of him. Later that day we went to a friend's house to dye eggs but Cohen wasn't super excited about it since he wanted to play.

Saturday morning Cohen started getting SO excited about the Easter Bunny coming. Cohen got way more into dying eggs that morning. I told him if he took a nap the Easter Bunny would stop by and drop of some eggs and toys for Cohen to have to find. As soon as I went in to his room to grab him after his nap the first thing he said was "Easter Bunny come?" I told him he had and we had to get Dave up from his nap.

He ran into the bedroom and woke up Dave and then ran out into the living room and started finding all his little treats around the room. He was most excited about getting a Robin toy, a dr. kit, and a "flute" (recorder) in his basket. Olivia got some books, baby food, and an outfit in her basket.


sharing his new toys with Olivia

Dave went to the general priesthood meeting and we finished watch the new "Penguins of Madagascar" movie Cohen got and then we headed out to target to get out of the house. Afterwards we got home, had dinner, played a little bit more, and then I put the kiddos in bed before Dave got back.

Dr Cohen
Nurse Olivia

taking Robin with him in the car
he has to try out the superhero costumes almost every time we go to Target

reading her new book while she has a bottle

Easter Sunday was filled with words from our church leaders, playing with new toys, coloring, and lots of snuggles.