Friday, November 30, 2012

Some Of My Favorite Baby Apps and Sites

These are some of my favorite things since I've had Cohen: they ship for free pretty much and it's super fast shipping and it's not just diapers... they have pretty much EVERYTHING. So unlike Babies R Us where it's only free to the store shipping you've got to your door for free. Plus they have pretty good deals going on a lot of the time.
Diapers.comHome Essentials
use code: GABR1440
Buy Baby Items at
Excludes existing customers of,, or other Quidsi sites. Restrictions apply.

My favorite clothing store for Cohen is Carter's now since we have one right up the hill I just go into it but they've got great deals going on a lot of the time if you know when to shop. Plus they pretty much always have a coupon available on top of it which is fantastic.
Another clothing one is Wittlebee which you subscribe to for however long you want and they send you a box of clothing based off of what you tell them you like. No stress. I just wish I could afford to do the $40 a month.

I also happen to love these apps:
Similac Baby Journal it might be just me but I keep track of when Cohen falls a sleep and when he wakes up. As well as when he eats. It lets me pause in the middle of feedings and say which side he's working on. I love it because then the app just tells me which side he needs to start with next feeding and how long he ate for exactly. I also keep track of his growth on it which is handy. They have a lot more things you can keep track of- diaper changes, pumping, and bottle feeding. It's also FREE.
I also LOVE Ambiance, it has been a life savor. Cohen LOVES the sound of water (in any form) and it calms him down. So when he's freaking out in the car and it's just me and him and since he can't put his binky in his mouth himself yet I hook my ipod up to the car or put it in his car seat and turn on the ocean for him (or any of the other two water sounds I've downloaded). The free version of this app only allows you to download three sounds, but if you buy the $3 one you can get as many of them as you want. As of right now he's fine with just the three sounds so I'm sticking to the free one. It calms him down pretty quickly every time and puts him to sleep and I love it (for my sanity's sake).
I just thought I'd share these with all you other mothers out there who might not know about some of these lovely things yet.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

This is how our thanksgiving went:
Cohen woke up early (after not sleeping for long periods of time throughout the night) and was very happy. It was like he had woken up for Christmas morning. I took care of him while Dave started making up food for dinner.
Cohen had his first blowout. We all watched Beauty and the Beast. He had another blowout. Dave said he was making room for dinner (I'm thankful for his funny positive out look on things).
We took pictures throughout the day. Cohen ate lots of times and had a few naps.
I finished making up the Carmel corn.
We listened to Christmas music.
Then dinner was ready. I was so excited for this because it was our first thanksgiving dinner as our own little Zaugg family since we had it with my cousins our first year and my family and Dave's dad our second year. Dave did a fantastic job with his first turkey! The food was yummy
Dave got in a nap after the long day of cooking and eating the scrumptious dinner.
We watched A Muppet Christmas Carol and ate turkey buns.
And went to bed.
Over all it was great.
up early
outfit number 3
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. When I was a kid it was because it was my grandpa's favorite and because it meant I got to eats lots of mashed potatoes. As I've grown older I've grown to appreciate having a day devoted to gratitude and all that it brings.
I wanted to write up the things I'm most grateful for this year lest I forget.
I'm so grateful for my husband. He's always there for me whether it's four in the morning and I'm bawling in the bathroom from exhaustion, heart burn and a ripped nail to I just need a break for myself. He always does his best to make sure I'm happy. He's my best friend and my eternal partner. I don't know where I'd be without him and I don't want to know.
I'm also very grateful for my son who I wouldn't have without my sweet husband. He brings so much joy into my life. He is truly a blessing from heaven.
I'm grateful for Dave's job and the happiness it brings into his life because he finally enjoys his job.
I'm grateful for my family and friends and the love and support they've always given.
I'm grateful for my Father in Heaven who has truly blessed. I'm so grateful for his everlasting love for me.



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still a Little Bummed

So last week I noticed the wall between my night stand and the sliding glass door was a little wet. Then I saw a little bit of mold. I quickly started moving all the things I had put in that spot which included my baby book and baby photo albums. They were pretty much destroyed. I almost cried but I was too busy just trying to clean it all up. After laying my photo books and baby book out to dry a little bit I was able to save a few pictures at least. I was so glad that during the summer I had decided to scan in a bunch of pictures from them because pretty much only the top two pictures on each page were not affected by the mold/moisture. And with that on some pages I would have to decide which side of the page I wanted to save because the picture was stuck to the paper and the picture on the other side.
I'm so grateful for technology today and being able to scan in the pictures before hand as well as being able to have all my baby's pictures digitally saved to my computer.
I'm also glad I noticed it when I had because it could have gotten worse (I know it would never have been as bad as at the ranch because we're here but that was all I could think about) and even spread to all my electrical chords I have behind my night stand.
After going to the office to report it to them so they could check to see if it was our water heater that had caused the problem we learned it was our neighbor's water heater that had been leaking. I don't even want to think about the mold that they had growing over there!!
The affected area

A card from my dad I wanted to remember

My cute (now in the trash) baby book

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Look a Like

Everyone has been saying Cohen looks like my brother Kiernan, it wasn't until I found this picture that I could really see it -


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Favorite Statuses of the Night

These are some of my favorites from tonight in regards to the election from others:
Is there a dislike button that will work on Americas new status?

Well since the country was heading in such a good direction it's a good thing we didn't change anything

Moving to Texas and voting to secede