Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Redmond Trip

We went out to Redmond for my Dad's birthday. It was crazy, fun, stressful, exciting, and filled with memories. My mom picked us up (Dave dropped us off about an hour before our house so my mom wouldn't have to drive that extra hour), we played outside, went to a "farm" with rides and such, hung out with horses, did lots of shopping, puzzles, games, movies, and lots of hanging out.
at the meeting place to trade us
saying goodbye to daddy with ugga-mugga's

she loved to pet the horses

cohen liked them from a safe distance
helping Papa get the futon ready

my dad had to duck-tape it
Helping Grandma make waffles
Testing out Papa's new putting green

She LOVED this episode of Sesame St... and only this one

cohen is afraid of wully caterpillars apparently

showing Papa what she wants for her birthday

last day with long hair

discovered she LOVES shoe shopping and trying on shoes

his favorite presents this year

on his way to help Papa blow out the candles while covering his ears from the loud singing

his favorite new "batcave"


her first Jamba

wishing i could pull this tulle skirt look off

neutrals and stripes are my favorite    

one more quick park visit

saying goodbye to Grandma
Heading home

stopped at Zipp's on the way home for food
finally home and they head straight for olivia's room for some reading and toy time before going to bed
reunited with his legos

watching papa go home
documenting the new hair with a new outfit (thanks mom!!)
finally re-united