Thursday, January 24, 2013

While Daddy's Out of Town

On the first day we had to drive Dave to the airport at 4 am. Luckily Cohen slept the whole way there and back and slept two more hours on top of that at home so I only had to get up the one time for driving. After all that Cohen and I got all ready for the day. While Cohen took his 11:00 nap I watched the newest episode of Downton Abbey online. Then this happened:

Play time inside

Then he took his next nap after which we did this:
play time outside

Then another nap and then we did some of this:

play time inside with comet

watched Cinderella....
seriously this kid LOVES Disney movies
And right before bed we read ALL of these:

On the second day we did this:

We got up and got ready and played in front of the mirror.
Then Cohen had his first nap during which I did a little drawing with my tablet. After that we played inside for a little bit before meeting up with Aubrey to walk up the hill again together and eat at Red Robin. I fed Cohen a little before leaving and he fell asleep so he slept in his stroller pretty much up to us getting seated.
After he woke up from his nap and I had to finish up one of my sketches

napping in his stroller

awake at Red Robin

After a yummy lunch we walked back home and played some more.

Then he fell asleep again which he woke up from bawling from a nightmare, poor guy, but I calmed him down and he finished out his nap on my bed.
We then had more playtime and worked on his sitting.
he LOVES his feet when he's sitting... only when he's sitting though

After that we met up with Aubrey again and went to the Relief Society munch and mingle which was nice
When we got home we both got ready for bed and then read half of One Fish Two Fish, finished getting ready for bed and then slept.

The last few hours before Dave was with us again Cohen and I cuddled, played, chatted, got dressed and went to the airport to get Dave. Cohen was awake for the majority of the drive except for twenty minutes between going there and coming back. He did a great job being happy in his carseat. He normally HATES being in it.
in the process of getting ready

all ready to go get Daddy

while waiting for Dave to land

His gift from Daddy... he was really excited about the box
Those couple of days of just the two of us were fun, exhausting and we both missed Dave.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


So far this week Cohen and I have gone on three walks. The first two times we went up the hill to do some errands. We went with a friend from church our first walk and our third. Our third walk we walked on the path along the river. It's been so nice being able to get out of the house and get outside. Especially the last two walks when it was nice outside both times.
Hopefully 2013 will be the year I get a little bit more regular exercise.

Post-walk day 1

pre-walk day 2... it ended the same as day 1 for my little man
pre-walk day 3
post-walk day 3... he loved putting his feet up on the side

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

16 January 2013

This new year started out not so fun for us. All three of us were sick for a while which was really hard but we're all close to being all healthy and better thankfully.
sick sleeping baby
My dad had a business trip out here so my mom tagged along to get some grandson time in even if it was just for three days. Cohen was a sleep when they first showed up and he saw them both when he woke up and started to cry because he saw them and not me. I picked him up and he was fine after that. It was pretty funny though. We went to McCormick and Schmick's for dinner which was fun (and a nice change from On the Border). My dad drove out to the bay area that night so my mom stayed the night. We did some shopping that day and got Costa Vida for lunch which was fantastic! Then that night we watched the new Bourne movie and ate pizza. Then my dad came back which was great so Cohen would get to see him again. They went out to their hotel that night but my mom rejoined Cohen and I the next morning for more shopping. Then we went out to dinner with Dave at the Lion's Gate Hotel. Then my mom drove up to the airport where my dad had been dropped off. It was great being able to see them both. 

Got handed off at a bad time to grandpa... luckily he cheered up pretty quickly

One of the gifts grandma bout for Cohen
Besides being sick 2013 has been fun with our little guy who is even more interactive with us and super smiley whenever he sees us. He does his "monster face", laughs on occasion, working on sitting up, all about grabbing his shirt to show off his cute belly, a pro at tummy time, starting to interact with toys, and loves to be played with by his mom or dad.

I can't believe my little monster is going to be 4 months old this week!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Today I was bored so I made this, it's a quote from Dr. Suess I want to put somewhere in Cohen's room... don't know if I'll use this or if i'll actually write it out for him.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


2012 was an exciting year. It started out with a big and wonderful surprise when we found out that I was pregnant and were going to be seeing our sweet baby in September. College friends Kristen and Alise visited. My friend Emily got married and I was one of her bridesmaids.
The first trimester of pregnancy flew by (partly from finding out pretty late in it) and we found out we'd be moving down to California. We packed everything up and said goodbye to my family and our apartment that we only lived in for six months in Washington and made the 13 hour drive down to California pulling our car with the bunny in it behind the moving van.

After moving in with the help of our friends the Fernandez's, Juan and Sara, (who were pregnant too) we helped them move apartments in the Bay Area the next weekend and visited San Francisco.

We found out our baby was a boy!!
Dave went up to Canada for his sister, Katherine's wedding. I couldn't go because my passport came the day after our flight. Luckily I got to visit Maria for a few days and then Tommy came down to stay with me. I also started putting together Cohen's room around this time.

We bought a car (my first time ever doing that) and decided to test it out by going to visit Juan and Sara where we went to the beach. We also got to visit with my dad that week too.

My mom and Jessy came for a visit so they could see me pregnant since we weren't able to go up for Tommy's farewell speech (I was too pregnant to fly) and we couldn't make it out to the ranch either.
We went to Maya Fernandez's baby blessing and counted down the days until we would meet our sweet little boy.

September... waiting... waiting... waiting.... FINALLY, our sweet baby boy Cohen joins us on September 19, 2012. My mom comes out for a week to help out. Then a few weeks later Rodney and Katherine come followed by my family, Maria, and the Fernandez's for Cohen's baby blessing.

Cohen is Linus for Halloween. Then there's Thanksgiving which was wonderful. Followed quickly by Christmas where Cohen and I got to enjoy having Dave home with us for a little over a week.
2012 was an exciting year.