Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I decided it was time to join in on the bandwagon and put my art up on Society6 which allows people to purchase it in all sorts of mediums... as of right now I have a ton of prints up, a couple shirts, and a couple of mugs just to see how it all goes. Be sure to head over to my page and check everything out/promote my artwork!
 Head on over!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

Now, even though in comparison I've lived in colder weather, acclimating to your local weather throws off your perspective, and boy, it has been COLD lately! And Cohen being Cohen still LOVES to go outside. So we try to risk it with just a jacket and a light vest underneath for him, but that just wasn't cutting it. So, we re-enter the apt and get out my cold weather accessories, bundle up, and go back outside. He loved being able to run around outside and not freeze quite as much.
Cohen will be pretty good about wearing his hood when I put it on him but he refuses to wear his beanies. Apparently he just needed to wear one of my beanies and he will be fine with it on for much longer amounts of time.

fixed the hanging out scarf

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Our Thanksgiving week started off with Dave getting to come home early on Tuesday from work (which was fantastic). When Cohen woke up from his nap that day we ran to the UPS store to get his passport picture taken. He was a good little baby for the first picture, which she had out of focus, and it all went down hill from there. By the end he wouldn't sit on the stool and was crying so we left and would try again the next day.
Taking Grover with us to UPS

had Grover set a good example of how to take the picture, Cohen pushed Grover off he was very angry with him

tried just to do the passport picture at home ourselves

to interested in the sheet to take a proper picture

trying to organize the dvds
Wednesday, Dave got to work from home so that morning (at 10, which is Cohen's happiest time of the day) we went back to the UPS store to try to take the picture again. He did a great job and got a cute picture, which they couldn't print for us because they were missing the chord to hook the camera up to the printer. So we left and I gave them my number for just in case they found it. After his nap we went to CVS since UPS didn't have their chord still and luckily the lady who took Cohen's picture was a grandma (he's always much better behaved for grandmas). When we got home we did some cleaning around the apartment and finished our organizing and cataloging the dvds that we had started the night before.

UPS second time

great post-nap bed-head hair

third times a charm, at CVS

perfect sized house for Cohen at CVS
Thursday morning we went outside to the park for a little bit, cleaned, and stopped by the Riddle's apartment to borrow a chair for the weekend. During Cohen's nap I made up a ton of bacon for future use that week. Around 5 the Fernandez family were all here! Cohen and Maia were happily playing together with the icebox- pushing and pulling, opening, and putting things in and out of it while Sara and I put together two pizzas and some pigs in a blanket for dinner. Oh, and Maia is quite the little talker and could even say "Co-ey" for Cohen. We all hung out and the babie played until it was time for them to go to bed. After we put the babies in their beds we played a couple rounds of Hand and Foot and then it was time for me to go into work. Work was long (even though I luckily only had to work 3 hours). After work I went into Old Navy, Best Buy, and Carters really quick since there were no lines in any of them and picked up a couple things. Then I came home to a very awake baby and a tired husband who had been up with the baby since 12:30. Poor tired Dave slept on the couch so his snoring wouldn't be a problem for Cohen, who ended up not falling asleep until about 5 am!


putting grover and bear with the dvds

snack for mommy

visiting with Ellie

watching the Looney Tune Christmas movie

helping dad test out the blow up mattress


the line outside Bath and Body Works waiting for it to open for Black Friday Shopping
After sleeping in Friday morning we got up and Dave started getting food cooked for our "Thanksgiving". Sara and I took the kids to the park for a little bit where Cohen insisted on carrying a huge stick with him everywhere, including up the play structure. Then dinner was ready! It was so good. Most of Cohen's ended up on the floor sadly but the rest of us loved it. We all hung out, ate dessert, and watched the babies play together until they went to bed and then we played some more Hand and Foot.

they kissed each other all weekend long!

Cohen introduced Maia to wearing his Star Wars Angry Birds bucket as a hat

showing Dada on our gallery wall

the discard pile was pretty much only threes

we had to add another deck of cards after the pick up pile was all gone

Saturday we all went shopping. The boys (Cohen included) went to REI and Walmart and we girls went to Old Navy and the mall, where poor Maia threw up and we had to come home. After naptime we took the babies to the park one more time and then we went to On The Border for dinner. After dinner, Juan, Sara, and Maia had to go home so we said goodbye to our friends and headed home. It was a fun weekend for everyone even if it went to fast. 

loved "drinking" out of the old root-beer bottles

she already loves trying on shoes

he's SO funny drinking out of Maia's sippy cups all weekend long

more great Bed head


LOVED her curls!!!

shooting game with daddy

Cohen and Dave's turn

her first lollipop

loved coloring

"Freedom!", or as Cohen says "DAAA!"