Sunday, September 28, 2014

Birthday Party Weekend

This last weekend we had my parents and Jessy up at our house for Cohen's 2nd Birthday Party. They got here late Friday night so the fun didn't really start until the next morning.
Saturday morning Cohen woke up and skyped with my dad before he found him in the kitchen. He then had to show my mom his superhero books on "the bear". After that, breakfast, and getting dressed Cohen spent time playing outside with almost everyone before his nap while different adults took turns playing with him and getting ready for the day and I made the cake. Right before his nap he went on a short walk with my dad around the neighborhood.


During his nap my mom and I wanted Costa Vida so we went and ate there (Jessy tagged along), stopped at Carter's, picked up Taco Bell for Jessy, and dropped off Costa Vida for Dave. When we got back Cohen was up so he jumped in the car with us and we went to Safeway super quick and the Dollar Tree to get last minute party things to make it a little more official.

My mom made up the frosting when we got home and we decorated the house. Cohen got to play with some of the balloons before guests started to show up. Lucky for him whenever they would show up they would hand him his presents so he was able to rip into them as soon as his little hands got a hold of them.

helping "blow up" the balloons

We then went outside ate hotdogs and chips. Cohen and the little kids played in the dirt. The menfolk got to play there own little game outside which Cohen and Simon loved to "assist" with. We had banana cake and there was more playing outside. Then everyone headed inside and hung out for a bit while the kiddos colored in Cohen's two new coloring books. Then everyone headed home. 


feeling shy

My family had left a little after the cake to run a few errands and got back about an hour after everyone had left so Cohen was able to try out all his cool new presents between the party and getting more presents. So when my parents and Jessy got back with shakes in hand (loving this new tradition) Cohen was finally able to open up his presents from them before he had to go to bed.

This one got a "Wow" and excited giggles

Sunday we had church. After church Cohen got his last present from my family - a scooter and was able to ride around the front yard on that for a bit before it was time to go inside. He was able to sneak in more playing outside time with Papa and a superhero parade before having to go down for his nap.When he went down my family took off so they could get home at a still pretty early time.

We loved our crazy jam packed weekend full of family, friends, cake and fun.