Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Ranch Trip

So we went to The Ranch this year and it all started out exciting. So we were planning on leaving for Ogden, UT on July 1st at 1 am. Dave was supposed to get into town the day before around 4pm that day BUT his first flight was delayed so he missed his next flight. When he found out his first flight was late he learned he wasn't going to be getting into Spokane until 11pm now... SO I had to pack everything all by myself with two mobile munchkins to worry about on top of it all. After getting all packed (luckily before I attempted to load the car) Dave called and said he made it to Portland and was now going to be home at 7 pm instead (I'm pretty sure I heard angels singing). So we headed to Target and Safeway to pick up a few last things and thanked the Heavens that Dave would be getting home earlier and we could all get a little sleep before heading out.

We picked Dave up from the airport and all went to bed. We got up around 2 and loaded the car with our things and the babies. The whole point of driving through the night was so both the kids could sleep while we drove, but Cohen was awake for about an hour, slept for about 2.5 hours, and then was up all the rest of the drive. The car started to have transmission issues while we were driving through Idaho so we pulled over, let the kids stretch their legs at a park, and let the car cool down for a bit. 

After a few rounds of red light green light we got back in the car, both kids fell asleep and we made it to the hotel. We let the kids go crazy in the room while we settled in and then we went to the pool. After the pool we all took a nap while Cohen watched some tv. It was beautiful for however long it lasted. That night we met up with Dave's buddy Shawn and his family and went to a little Italian restaurant. After that we all fell asleep pretty fast.

The next morning we drove to my mom's cousin, Teresa's house to meet up with my family,where the kids got to play and eat before we all loaded up to drive down to southern Utah. When we got to Teresa's house Dave had noticed that one of the tires was pretty much done for and took the car in to replace all four tires.We then met everyone at In n Out and then followed our cousin Shawn, Aunt Viola, my mom, and Jessy (all in Steve's truck) and made it a little past Nephi before our car started freaking out again. We pulled over while they gassed up the car and hoped for the best. Well maybe ten mins later it was freaking out some more so we called my mom and told them to go ahead while we waited on the car some more and we ate fries at Carl's Jr. Well the car still had its light on after that so we decided it was time to take it in since we couldn't really drive it and there were a lot of big hills to drive over ahead of us. Well we finally found a place in Fillmore and we waited while they looked at it for an hour in their non air conditioned waiting room. Cohen was ALL OVER THE PLACE which after being cooped up in a car for two days you can't blame him but the stress level was as high as the temperature so when the guy said he couldn't fix the car until the next day I might have cried a little (on the inside though since I had sweated all liquids out of my body at this point). 
We asked the guy for a cheap hotel and a cheap motel is what we got. My dad and Tommy checked in on us on their way to the Ranch and we survived the night on top of the duvets.


The next morning Dave got to the garage to fix the car as soon as they opened and we stayed in the at least air conditioned motel. Then after getting it fixed we hit the road again. We still took the hills slow but the car didn't have any more issues, hallelujah!! We finally got to the ranch and Dave took a nap and Cohen got reacquainted with the ranch and everyone loved Olivia. That night we all slept the best we had so far that trip.

Saturday we all hung out, ate thin pancakes, made sure to put on some red white and blue, took the group picture, went on a walk, rode four wheelers, watched movies, chatted, played Hand and Foot, and were so grateful we didn't have to be in a car.

Cohen with "Moo Moo Bear"
we LOVE thin pancakes!!!

First four wheeler ride for Olivia

Cohen's new favorite puppy



Sunday we went to sacrament meeting, played more games, watched movies, and said goodbye to Tommy, The Milnes, Aunt Viola, Shawn, and The Fullmers.

just doing a little climbing

saying goodbye to Uncle Thomas


Monday was a little less crazy at the house. We hung out, went into town and got shakes from Nemo's and played at the park, watched movies, played with pew pew guns, and said goodbye to the Griffins.
SO excited to be sitting on the table

Tuesday morning started off with superheroes and more pew pew guns. My dad, Dave, and Cohen went fishing at a lake close to the ranch. We all met up with them later, Dave did some dock fishing while my dad and Jessy fished and my mom, Cohen, Olivia and I went on what my mom said was going to be a super easy baby hike which turned out not to be.
playing superheroes and villains with Papa

Playing pew-pews with Grandma

taking pictures with two kiddos is hard

On Wednesday we hung out at the house, watched the rain, Cohen got to finally play basketball in the barn, and we went into town one last time. In town Olivia and I ran into the sweetest dog who just wanted someone to play with so we threw a stick for it to chase a few times. 

watching the rain with Papa

Look who fell asleep in the car

On Thursday morning we left for Aunt Viola's house. We got del taco one last time on the way. We got to her house before dinner time and got to see Danielle one last time. Cohen and Olivia got to play in the backyard which they loved. My parents and Jessy got there just before the kids went to bed.

We left for home the next morning and said goodbye to everyone. The ride was long and everyone was ready to be home. We were all SO happy when it was done.