Monday, December 29, 2014


This Thanksgiving started out with Dave being up with Olivia from about 1 am to 5 am and letting me sleep - Best Husband Ever! After sleeping in Dave got started in on making the Thanksgiving dinner. We did a lot of hanging out, feeding Olivia (she LOVES eating), playing legos, and waiting for the tasty food ahead of us.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Baby Shower

Back in the middle of October a gal in our ward threw me a baby shower. It was way cute and fun. The theme was "Cute as a button" and Kacey out did herself! There was lots of tasty treats, a fun little game, and fun chatter all about babies, of course.

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Baby Story Part 1

November 7th. I was 2 days past my due date and taking Cohen to a store just to get in some walking time once again. We went to Target (which Cohen actually likes since he gets an "applesauce" almost every time we go that he can eat in the cart while I look at things) and wandered the store for about an hour. Then I pushed him in the Target cart to Pet Smart (it's a few stores down) and we looked at the animals there. Cohen LOVES looking at all the animals and it's about the closest thing we have to a zoo here. We stopped by Five Guys to pick up lunch for Dave and me where a lady working there waited around us the whole time so she could help me take everything to the car. So nice. After that we headed home and I was dissapointed that I wasn't really feeling any super strong and close together contractions once again. When we got home we put on Curious George, ate lunch, and then it was Cohen's nap time.
Day of picture

After Cohen's nap all three of us went back to Target again to pick up a few more things that we needed and once again we stopped in at Pet Smart. This time we actually went in to look at the dogs and cats though since Dave was with us and could chase after Cohen better than I could at that point.
We grabbed Panda Express for dinner and headed home.
After dinner, playing Legos, putting Cohen in bed, and saying to Dave that the baby probably wouldn't come today (he would ask almost everyday for the last couple of weeks) since I didn't have consistent contractions- I started reworking on a commission piece in the office while Dave was watching a tv show in our bedroom. Then at 8:45 my water broke.
It was great knowing that we had done a lot of Cohen's favorite things that day since it was his last day as our only baby. 

A Baby Story Pt 2

So after all the fun of the day I was in the office busy working on re-doing a commission piece when all of the sudden my water broke. It was about 8:45 pm and I called home so one of my parents could hit the road. My dad (who would ask if I was calling because "it was time" for the last couple of days when I'd call home) pretty much ran for the car. We then called Laura, Dave's cousin, and told her she needed to come over to watch Cohen. She got to our house with Ellie (her youngest daughter) and we headed out the door. While driving I started to get strong contractions but they still weren't consistent. We got to the hospital and had to check in at the ER after that we waited a while for someone to come and take us to the delivery ward. We finally got picked up and my contractions were starting to kick in a little more consistently. The nurses checked and I was at a 5 and they asked if I was an epidural girl which I replied and said YES! While we waited for the epidural to come I would get freezing cold between my contractions and shake a ton. We had to move rooms because the BP checker wasn't working in the first room. After we moved rooms the anesthesiologist came in, but it was too late and I was told I'd have to deliver naturally, which was not what I had been planning on at all but that was how it was so I had to accept it.Well pretty soon after the Doctor came in and it was almost time to start pushing. After A LOT of pain, praying, and a few screams little Olivia made her appearance at 11:45 pm. Just barely making it into this world on November 7th.
They handed her to me pretty much right away and I held onto my sweet little girl until they did the routine measuring and weighing. Our baby girl was 7 lbs 12 oz and 21 in long. Coming into this world bigger than her big brother (7 lbs 8 oz and 19 in long) and only 2 days past her due date unlike Cohen's 4. 
After they finished measuring her Dave finally got a turn to hold Olivia.
First time being held by Daddy
We were finally taken to our maternity ward room where Dave spent the rest of the night with us. He went home and slept some more and Olivia and I hung out at the hospital doing all our routine checks.

 Around 11:45 am Dave, Cohen and my Dad stopped by for a visit. Cohen was super cute and loved looking at "Wivia". He would have to announce to the room whatever she was doing at the moment too. He was "So cited" to hold baby sister but as soon as a nurse came in the room he had to jump off the bed to tell her that he was holding her. He was quite the proud big brother. Before heading back home for Cohen's nap Cohen gave Olivia lots of kisses on the cheek which warmed my heart so much. Especially since after being nervous about Cohen waking up to us not being home in the middle of the night that he'd hate her/be jealous from the get go.
looking at baby sister for the first time

kisses for baby sister
We had some more alone time together with more routine checks. How is anyone supposed to sleep when someone is coming in every half hour... I mean I can handle there being trash in the trash can while I'm staying there. Later that afternoon Dave came back to hang out with us and watch Olivia so I could nap.

taking a nap together
After he went home that night Olivia had a lot of bonding time that night deep into the morning.
That morning at 8 the nurse said if we wanted to leave we were set to go, which meant we really couldn't leave until 11, but we weren't aware of that so Dave got there at like 9 while we waited for them to check us out.

ready to head home
We finally made it home which was BEAUTIFUL! It was so nice to be home with my little family and my dad.

A Baby Story Pt 3

Here are some pictures of some of the fun things Cohen got to do with my dad while Olivia and I were staying in the hospital and Dave was either with us or catching up on sleep.
happy boy waking up to seeing Papa

getting his Papa shake

they went to another pet store to see kittens and puppies

Costco trip

and one Dave took of them both on their tablets at night
We are all so grateful my dad was able to come out and watch Cohen for us!

A Baby Story Pt 4

After getting home from the hospital we waited for my dad and Cohen to get back home from church. Cohen then went down for his nap and we waited for my mom and Jessy to get here. Jessy and my dad stayed for a few hours but had to head home around 5. 

My mom stayed with us until Tuesday afternoon and it was great having her here to help with Cohen while we adjusted to having a new baby again. She was so good about playing Legos with him over and over again and making sure he was getting a lot of attention. We also had Laura, her husband, and youngest come over to see Olivia one night while my mom was here too!

We then had the weekend and beginning of the next week just to ourselves with Dave not working and getting into the groove of being a family of four.  


Dave, sadly, HAD to go on a business trip starting that Wednesday so my mom was able to come out again to help me. We did a lot of shopping and had our first snow fall. Unfortunately my mom couldn't stay with us for all of Dave's trip because of work so we had to tough it out from Friday afternoon until Dave got back Saturday evening. We all survived and did better than I had expected with only one melt down on my part. 

Because my mom had to leave earlier than I thought a friend was able to watch Cohen during Olivia's 2 week check up which was great because he got out of the house, had a play date and i didn't have to stress over having both my kiddos there for a longer than normal appointment. Other than that though we stayed home and toughed it out until Dave got home.