Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baby Shower

Way back in October I had a baby shower (I know I've been horrible at keeping up with this). A couple of gals from church threw it and took over everything. It was a fun little brunch with lots of tasty foods, lots of cute baby presents, laughter, and fun. It was great getting to meet new people too since I didn't know a whole ton since moving into the ward.

My Birthday

On my birthday we all got up around nine. Dave told me to get dressed and hurry because we had to leave by 10. I had no idea what was going on but I got all ready and got Olivia ready too while Dave was busy with Cohen. Once we were all cute we headed out the door. Cohen spilled part of the surprise by saying we were going to Laura's house. I'm glad he did though so I knew for sure we were doing something without the kids and I could be emotionally prepared before hand.
We got to Laura's and said goodbye. Then Dave took me out to breakfast. We both got an omelette (which we both agreed was good but not the best) and it came with a side. I got crepes which were FANTASTIC and Dave got biscuits and gravy which were alright. I also got orange juice that was AMAZING and tasted like they had just made it from a freshly picked orange.
After breakfast we headed to the mall and walked around for a little bit. Then we stopped by the theater and we got tickets for Into the Woods. The movie was actually a good rendition of the play. After the movie we picked up the kids. Grabbed panda express and headed home. I super snuggled on our kids after we got home. It was so nice having to stress over them for fourish hours but I was so happy to have my littles again. It was all the perfect day to start life as a 25 year old.