Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cohen - Talking

Cohen isn't a huge talker but I LOVE his little voice when he uses the words he knows. These are the ones he knows:
Mamma / mommy (ma-E)
Daddy / daddy (da-E)
Grandpa (papa / bapa)
Bye-bye (ba-bye)
Bird (bur)
Snack (nac)
Night-night (my-might)
Duck (Duh-duh)
Ellie (ehwe)
Help (al-P)
Please (bees)
More (Moe)
Elmo (mo-oh)
Bottle (baba / ba-L)
Banana (nana) -Apple is also called nana
Cheese (chee-sssss) -rolled "s"
Jesus (Gee-ssss-a) -rolled "s"
Lilly (yil-yE)
Noah (no-AH /no-E-ah)
Up (ba)
Book (buh)
Fish (fshhh)
Bowl (bow)
Arm (ahm)
Block (bock)
Blueberry (boo-ba)
Nose - he scrunched up his nose and says it nasily every time.

And that's all the ones I can think of right now. But I wanted to write them down before I forget how he said them when he was a little guy.

Friday, March 14, 2014

11 March 2014

We had Dave's dad come stay with us for a week which was great. It was rainy most of the time that he was here which was a bummer but we were able to get out and have fun when it was nice out. Some of the things we got to do while Rod was here included: Mother Goose Reading time with Polin and little Noah, lots of trips to different stores, church, going to parks, the mall, and going to the Zoo.
The Friday that he was here was gorgeous out so we planned a trip to the Sacramento Zoo for that Saturday morning before it got rainy again. We left for the zoo that morning and found a nice close parking spot and there was only one person in front of us in line to get in. The first animals we saw were ducks (why are they always the first animal at any zoo?) and flamingos. The flamingos were right up close and Cohen LOVED looking at them, leaning as far as he could in his stroller to see them. We got to see some red pandas (one of my favorite animals), giraffes (another one of mine and now one of Cohen's), all sorts of monkeys, lions, tigers, reptiles, and an ANTEATER. When we saw it we had Cohen do his little anteater noise for it. Over all the Zoo trip was a success. Cohen loved to run around looking at all the animals and the weather was PERFECT and we got out of there just before a ton of people came in. It was a great little outing for our family.
Cohen wanted to fall asleep in the car on the way home from the zoo really bad but we didn't let him since it was too early for his nap. Then of course after we get home and have lunch he decides he doesn't need a nap that day at all. So since it was an hour later and he was still standing and bawling in his crib we went and ran a few errands. And what does he decide to do on the way home, fall asleep. Luckily he transferred out of his car seat and into his crib without waking up that he got to have a little nap that day after all.
The biggest thing that was a bummer about that day was I forgot to bring my camera! Luckily I had found Rod's camera and brought that with us, but I left mine on the counter at home. I brought my camera bag though which was kind of funny. Guess we'll just have to go to a zoo again.

All the pictures, not in day order but grouped together by day -
trying on a pair of Jordans... he cried when we took it off of his foot

playing peak - a - boo at the mall

adding money to his piggy bank

scared of the mother goose reader

wants the broom that's hidden

helping deflate the air mattress
drinking OJ

he was so excited to climb up on the bar, it was his first time climbing up it
clapping :)

At the Zoo - 

had to wear his George shirt to the zoo :)

all of us doing the Anteater sound

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Little Helper

- January -
fixing the fridge

crushing the corn flakes for me

- February -

- March -