Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

This is our first Halloween as a family of three. Halloween isn't my favorite but I do love it for little kids. They always wear cute little costumes. This year Cohen is Linus from Charlie Brown, blue blanket included! Pretty much I just tried to find an outfit similar to Linus' and we already had the blanket and this is what I came up with:

Cohen painted his pumpkin. He wasn't a fan.

card from grandma and grandpa murphy

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Cohen has been smiling a lot lately and I LOVE it! I know right now that it's not intentional and I can't wait until it is because it's so cute. I've been lucky enough to capture it on camera a few times (mostly on my iPod because that's quick).

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fire Alarm

I'm so proud of Cohen. Last night at about 1:30 when I was about to put him in his bassinet because he finally fell asleep after being awake for two hours the fire alarm went off. And it's LOUD. Really annoying and loud (which means you're going to wake up). We got out of our bedroom, I covered his little ears and grabbed his jacket and we went outside. Luckily our outside building alarm isn't too loud too.
Cohen slept in my arms the whole time we were outside. He was awesome. I was worried though about after it all since I'd been holding him the whole time that he wouldn't go to sleep in his bassinet but he went down without a problem.
Then a half hour after we were finally back in bed (an hour after it went off) it went off again. I just rolled him out in his bassinet this time not wanting to mess with the sleeping that was still going on. Luckily it only was on for about 3 mins just from resetting it.
Our little man got almost 4 hours of sleep that nap. He's the best.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

San Francisco Trip

While Dave's dad and sister were here we went to San Francisco. We also were lucky and had Kiernan that day with us too before he flew out the next day for combat training. And my dad hung out with us there too for part of the day before heading to his hotel for work.
That morning Dave and Rod went to pick up the rental van so we could all fit in a car for the trip. Then Dave and my dad went to get a rental car for my dad so he had one for his business trip. After that we all headed into the cars and started our drive down to SF. Cohen did fantastic up until we got to the toll bridge where we had to stop. He had been asleep for the whole car ride up to that point so it wasn't a big surprise he woke up and was crying because he was hungry. When we got into SF we got a little lost since our GPS took us to the actual working pier 39 instead of the tourist one. This gave us a chance to give Cohen a bottle and change his diaper though so it was handy.
After we finally made it to the place we actually wanted to be we met up with my dad (who didn't get lost because he is familiar with the area and was way ahead of us). We walked around the pier, took pictures, saw Alcatraz in the distance, saw the sea lions, and then got some food. My dad had to go start working on his work stuff for the business trip he was on so he left after lunch.
We looked around some of the shops and then walked over to the penny arcade. It was cool seeing some really old arcade games. Cohen and I went and looked at the old navy ships that they have out by the arcade while the others played some games. I attempted to do a penny presser for Cohen's baby book for his first trip but ended up getting only half the picture on the penny (Aunt Katherine was nice enough to give us one she had done).
After that we took a little break and took care of Cohen again. Then we hiked up the hill to Ghiradelli Square. Most of us got ice cream there which was fun because that was something we used to do when we'd visit my grandpa. After hanging out around there for an hour we headed back to the car and drove back home. Cohen and I got dropped off first so I could attend to him while everyone else picked up In and Out. Over all it was a fun day and we were all so proud of how well Cohen had done for the trip!

We Also Love Visitors

Since Cohen has been born we have had a lot of visitors. My mom came for a week after he was born to help me out and get to know her first grandchild. It was great! I got super spoiled and when she left and it was just me and the baby at home during the day (that first day for sure) I struggled with getting things done besides taking care of the baby. Luckily we figured it out though after a few days.
Our next visitor came after Cohen was three weeks old! We loved having Dave's dad stay with us and we also got to have his sister Katherine too the next day. Dave also took that whole week off too so he could spend time with his family. It was great having people to hand the baby off to when I needed to go do something. 
That weekend we had Cohen's baby blessing and got the most visitors then. It was wonderful being surrounded by family and friends who loved and supported us.
This last weekend we got to see my Uncle and Aunt and their three girls too for about an hour. It was fun being able to catch up with them all.
Cohen I think has enjoyed the visitors most of all though because it means he gets held a lot more while he's sleeping instead of having to go in his bassinet. Luckily he's pretty good about getting used to sleeping in it again. 
We've loved having everyone stop by and see our new baby!

Monday, October 22, 2012

We Love Rainy Days

Rainy days mean we can wear fresh warm and cozy jammies all day long, cuddle, drink hot chocolate, and watch good heart warming movies. So how can we not enjoy them? The only thing missing is Dave who has to be at work today during it.