Friday, June 27, 2014

Car Accident

Exactly one week after we moved to Spokane we got in a car accident. It was Cinco de Mayo and we all hoped into the Jeep and made it to the end of the block we live on. From a quick check I thought we were in the clear to proceed ahead, then I hear Dave yelling "BRAKES, hit the brakes!!", then blamo. I'm so glad Dave was there to deal with everything because I was an emotional wreck. Especially after the lady who lived on the corner of the intersection came to ask me if Cohen and I were ok. So glad we have a good sturdy car that totally "won" in comparison to the little car I pegged. 
That car accident made me so grateful that we had really been on top of changing our insurance right after we moved. I was also glad to have my husband there. And that if we needed to we were super close to home and could've easily walked back if we needed to. Along with it being at neighborhood speeds.

We took in our car about 2 weeks after the accident to get fixed and it took a week and a day to get finished. Sadly it wasn't done early enough in the day so I could go during Cohen's nap and I had to bring him with me to get it since Dave was super busy with work. Bringing him meant I had to also bring his car seat along with pushing his big stroller. He has been loving his "strolly" a lot more these days but the walk there was a little longer than his normal "I'll sit in my stroller and not try to get out" so I had to push that stroller as fast as I could. And of course I had to go against the wind, which while pushing all those things was a workout for sure! But we made it and Cohen was able to get out and color while I signed the paperwork and we waited for our car to get pulled up to the front. I was just glad that we made it in time and I didn't have to push the stroller back home but could stick it in the car.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

And It's a...

We all woke up a little earlier than normal so we could go find out what this little baby was. We didn't have to wait too long to go in for the ultrasound and the lady tried to get through the measuring part as fast as she could so we could find out, especially since we had Cohen with us. He did a pretty good job waiting for everything. Then it was time to make our guesses. Dave was confident it was a girl and I was unsure since it changed on a daily basis for me. Then she told us, "It's 100% a GIRL!" We were all very excited, Cohen was too even if he didn't really know what was going on.

I can't believe we are having a baby girl. It's crazy finally knowing that little Olivia will be joining our family in November! I love finally knowing and can't wait to meet this little girl. Even already went and bought my first little dress for her this afternoon during Cohen's nap. Then after his nap he helped with taking the gender reveal pictures. Thank goodness for tripods and remotes so he was eentertained while helping me.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Short Trip to Redmond

Last Thursday we decided we would make a super short trip up to my family for the weekend. We left Friday afternoon after Dave got off his last call of the day. Cohen was a pretty awesome little traveler even though the drive took a little longer due to weather/car things but we made it. He took off with my dad as soon as we got there and they were at the park together for a solid hour. He LOVES spending time with Papa doing anything. My mom, Jessy and I ran to Target to pick up a baby monitor since I forgot half of ours and while we did that Dave put Cohen to bed. After we got back Dave and I went and saw the newest X-Men movie in the theaters. It was great to get to go and do a little date just the two of us since we hadn't done that since our visit to my family's house in December. When we got back Cohen was up and had been up for a couple of hours unfortunately but luckily he was happy and playing with Papa and Mama.
at the park
rockin out before bed time

That morning we slept-in (which is pretty rare for Cohen to sleep past 8 am these days) then we got ready and headed to the Point Defiance Zoo. We all had a lot of fun looking at all the animals. Cohen LOVES looking at animals, so long as they don't pop up right by the glass. The zoo also has a mini aquarium in it too which was a cool feature and something Cohen loved even though he was up way past his nap time and getting tired. When we finally left the zoo Cohen fell asleep pretty much right away in the car and slept all the way until we got to the church distribution center/Deseret Book Store where my mom and I dashed into. After that we stopped in the Isaquah Costco where Dave, Cohen and I did the sample rounds while everyone else was busy shopping. After we finally got home (at like 5pm) my dad and mom got started on dinner. Luckily they had picked up a rotisserie chicken so "Thanksgiving Dinner" was pretty easy to make up. We all scarfed down our food which was FANTASTIC. My mom and I went to Khol's while Dave once again put Cohen to bed. Sadly, once again Cohen had woken up after not being asleep for super long, but with snuggles and the fan going he was able to go back to sleep.
so excited to get into the Zoo

Comparing me to the size of a polar bear

Cohen was all about blowing kisses to the animals

playing with legos while he waits for dinner 

Sunday morning was a little rough for Cohen because he threw up a couple of times but he only ever did it after drinking a ton of water. Luckily he only did it the two times and seemed much better pretty quickly. He was jealous though when we were all eating our tasty breakfast and he couldn't have it. Other than that we just enjoyed our Sunday morning with everyone before we all took off. 10 mins before 1 rolled around we all loaded up into our different cars so my family could go to church and we could head back home. Cohen fell asleep not even 5 mins into the drive and was out good until we had about an hour and a half left to go. He wasn't super excited to be in the car after waking up but with lots of rounds of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", "If You're Happy and You Know It", and other classic little hand motion songs we finally made it home.

about to fall asleep
The first thing he wanted to do when we got home was color with the pencils