Thursday, May 31, 2012

Glucose Test

So today I did my glucose test. I was going to do it yesterday but forgot it's a fasting blood draw and I ate breakfast (oops..). So last night I had to remember to stop eating/drinking by 9 (I was dying I was so hungry this morning). I woke up let Comet out for about a half hour while I did a quick shower and got all my modes of entertainment for the 2 hours I had to spend at the lab. I found the lab (much faster to find/closer than the other one I went to for my blood test I did a few weeks ago) and was glad that there was no other patients there so I wouldn't have to wait any longer than I needed to. The nurse was nice and chatty and she did my first blood draw where I filled two viles. Then I had to drink "The Drink" which is pretty nasty tasting like everyone said it would be but I chugged it down to get it done with, what I wasn't expecting was the smell of it! Then I went into the little lounge area and sat in what would be my chair for the next couple hours. I read a little bit of my book "Peter and the Shadow Thief", texted with Dave, and played games on my ipod. A few other people came in and did their little short blood tests and they left and it was finally time to do blood draw number two. Having just been poked not to long ago I feared and braced myself for the little sharp pain that was going to come... in the same arm as before! Luckily I only had to fill one vile this time. I drank a little water to rinse the nasty drink taste out of my mouth since it was lingering still, sat back in my chair and continued read/texting/gaming as a few more people came in to do their tests. By the time I had to do this last blood draw my right arm was so tender so I asked if she could do the other arm. I think my right arm sang with joy when she said that the left would be fine. She filled my last vile and off I went to go back home. I let Comet out who was glad to finally actually be out of his cage (he threw all his hay around in his cage for not getting out at around his normal time and having to wait two more hours... he's funny like that) and I grabbed some food! Over all it wasn't a horrible experience, but I'm glad that that's over with. Now I just need to wait and find out the results from my dr at my next appointment.
My little man is dancing inside my belly still from getting some food in him!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peter Pan

I finished up the "Peter Pan" painting today! I had a lot of fun working on this one. It's supposed to kind of go along with my "Alice in Wonderland" painting.
The whole painting

close up on the Darling children

Peter and Tinker Bell

3 of the 6 Lost Boys, Tiger Lilly, and Hook close up

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Drawing So Far

I'm working on a Peter Pan piece for fun and this is what I have so far... now I just need to paint it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

hair envy

And I pretty much DIED over Angelina Jolie's hair in "The Tourist"
Amanda Seyfried 
Delta Goodrem

Allison Doody in "The Last Crusade"

Allison Doody just in general

Gilda Rita Hayworth
I LOVE red-head Rita

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

22 May 2012

As of late - I have been at home doing pretty much nothing... But I'm so glad I have Comet this time to hang out with me while I stay home each day unlike when we lived in Tempe. I'm also so excited for little Zaugg to join us in September and then I will have my time all taken up (in the beginning that is, until he can sit up and sleeps a little longer).
So to occupy my time I've watched all (that was available and it was more like it was on and I did all sorts of things while listening to it) of Rugrats (don't judge me), season one of Melissa and Joey, and a ton of movies. I've also waited for UPS to drop off first the crib and then the changing table which I later assembled after receiving each huge box (good thing I could pretty much drag them in from the front door to the living room). I've talked to my mom a lot and my dad a few times. I look at facebook, my email, blog, etc probably more than once a day. Beat all (gotten three stars) of Angry Birds Space that was available (including the bomb world you have to buy). Made a few dinners for the first time ever (Chicken Pot Pie, which is more of a chicken and dumplings kind of recipe but that's what it's called, and Enchiladas) and I think I did a pretty good job for the first time on them. Made sugar cookies and took some to a lady in our ward who I chatted with one Sunday who lives in the same complex as us. I also made my own sugar sprinkles for the cookies and for future cookies in a bunch of different colors except purple which you can't make from blue and red food dye (just like you can't from acrylic paint as well as many other things... why they teach you that you can in elementary school I don't know when it's clearly  False). I've also painted two things for our little man which I've already posted about. And I've painted a few postcards (which I also already posted on). Now I'm making rearrangement plans for the baby's room and researching ways to repaint the bookshelves we have in there so I can make them fun and not big dark eye soars in his room.
When Dave gets home from work and on the weekends we do fun things like going out to eat, going to movies, watching movies at home, shopping, window shopping, and such. We love Roseville! We live by everything pretty much which is so nice (the hospital that I'll deliver at is like 5 mins away!!) and it's a beautiful area. There are (even though Dave thinks they died, I'm not convinced yet) two turkeys though that live by us in a little meadow that I'm terrified of.
As far as pregnancy goes I'm feeling great and feel the baby kicking all the time. I've been getting a lot of leg cramps at night lately which make it hard to sleep. But that's pretty much my only complaint. Can't believe there's only a few months left until he's with us.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finished Art Project

I finished up the big art piece for the baby's room! I wanted something fun and little kid but not Disney or sportsy or something like that. So this is what I came up with:

And this is what I painted for my mom for mother's day-
kind of Anne of Green Gables inspired

Friday, May 11, 2012

First Art Project For the Baby

This is my first art project I made for our little man! I want to hang it with little tiny clothespins on a line of twine in his room. 

He looks like he ate a small child :( otherwise i LOVE the elk

Friday, May 4, 2012

And We Found Out

Today Dave and I went in for the ultrasound that would tell us if our little baby was a girl or a boy (and if the baby was healthy). We were the first appointment of the day for the whole office and we were there bright and early!! We got there just as they were unlocking the doors to let us in. I got all checked in and sat next to Dave in the waiting room while we waited. After waiting for a short time (the perks of being the first appointment) we made our way to the ultrasound room. I got up on the chair and the lady squeezed the gel onto my belly and it was WARM (not what I was prepping for but I appreciated it very much). She then moved the little thing back and forth across my belly getting the baby's measurements and making sure the baby was healthy. She then was all done and asked us if we had any guess (as she was paused over the determining area) and since we had no idea what we were really looking at we said we had no idea. She then announced that we're having a BOY! I was shocked. Dave had been convinced it was a girl and Dr. Lambourne had thought it was a girl (based off of a quick ultrasound check out our last appointment and so I had started to believe that this little baby was a girl. But nope, he's a he. I'm so excited to finally know and start to actually imagine this little guy growing inside of me and growing up. When we got into the car Dave got all excited and told me all the things we were going to buy for our little man (including baby basketball shoes, a baby basketball, and a Kevin Durant jersey). All and all we're both so excited and can't wait for this little guy to come!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Newest Art Project

I've been busy painting postcards, mainly "We've Moved" ones for Grandmas. I LOVE postcards! I love to get them (my dad was always really good about sending me them from his travels) and it's been fun to paint my own postcards. These are the ones I've come up with so far.

 The scanned in versions -