Friday, April 27, 2012

Self-Defense Against Fruit

I LOVE this segment by Monty Python (who are hilarious)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pregnancy/Baby Movies

I've always enjoyed watching movies where pregnancy/babies was the basic theme of the movie with my mom. Growing up I will always remember my mom saying at the end of "Father of the Bride Part II" or "Junior" - "I want another baby" (or something along those lines). Then I remember one year when it all changed. It was after my first semester of college and I was home for spring break and we had finished one of those two movies and my mom said "I can't wait until you have a baby"... I had entered into the world where it was now a possibility (now my mom of course would've much preferred the married/settled down/then have a baby norm of course), but I knew I was grown up. Sadly she had to wait three more years since then to find out that, after marrying Dave and being married for about a year and a half, we were going to have a baby. Now I want to watch all these movies I watched growing up with my mom and think to myself "I'm going to have a baby". It's crazy how fast it all goes by but so exciting too. I can't believe I'm already in my fifth month of pregnancy and on Saturday I'll be half-way done.

And I don't know why the 80s/90s came out with so many movies about babies (I do love them though) but here's a cute one that came out more recently too (I guess there were other ones that came out more recently but not really any that are that family feel good kind of ones):
And I am excited for this one too (even though it's more the goofy film rather than the goofy/sentimental):

Although I do love this one but only the beginning really deals with pregnancy since the focus is more on Natalie's Portman's character and not her pregnancy and baby:

I'd put this movie in that category too even though she's pregnant through out the whole film it's more about her becoming her true potential as herself and she get's the baby as the final cap at the end:

And I die laughing during Debra Messing's delivery scene in this film:

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Couple More Pictures of Our New Apt.

the hallway

hall bath

living room

living room

dining room

Friday, April 20, 2012


So now weird food cravings have come out yet. I also haven't had any cravings different from my normal food cravings which I've had my whole life. Generally my normal food cravings I've had all my life include: raspberries, pineapples, and strawberry ice-cream. I LOVE fruity things pretty much.
But I have been craving clothing (not to eat). I really want a pair of overalls for some reason. I mean I know I've always wanted a pair for doing house work/garden work and stuff but I want some to wear for fun now. I think I can blame watching 7th Heaven for that one.

A Few More Scanned in Pictures

I got into my scanner again...


Thursday, April 19, 2012


So today I finally found an OB/GYN in our new area! Before we moved here I remember calling one office, based off of the list of OB/GYNs our insurance gave me, only to find out that they were not an OB/GYN office at all! That totally took the wind out of my sails. After working up the courage to try another office I was relieved when I found out that my insurance wasn't giving me a faulty list. I told the front desk lady all my info and she said she'd have to email the doctors to see who would be accepting new patients with my due date and that it could take up to a week for her to get back to me.
Well I waited and the time had come to hear back from them but I never got a call so I called them again only to be transferred to a lady who was on her lunch and so I had to leave a message and wait for her to get back to me again. (That was yesterday by the way) So today since I still hadn't heard back from the lady who I had called around 3pm I decided to print up all the doctors on my list and then research them more to make sure they really were OB/GYNs after that I highlighted the doctors who were all at the same addresses to know that it was a big group of doctors so they'd have a higher chance of an opening for me and my little baby. I dialed the next number on my list and waited. The receptionist transferred me to another lady, who was also on her lunch, which left me feeling a little down but this was my first attempt with this group so I left a message. After waiting for a few hours I was surprised to have my cell phone ringing. I was relieved when I heard it was the lady I had called earlier that day wanting to get me scheduled in! FINALLY!
So I grabbed the first appointment I could without even talking to Dave because I didn't want to miss this chance again. Then she said that they'd even try to do the ultrasound at that first appointment too which was awesome because now Dave and I can wait with a date insight to find out what our little baby is. Luckily Dave's schedule is pretty flexible for these kinds of things and I'm so excited because this will be Dave's first prenatal appointment with me.
Baby Dave:

Baby Gabrielle:

Oh and I've felt the baby moving around this week! So exciting

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Move

Dave and I packed all our stuff up (my mom helped a couple of times too with packing of the kitchen! Thanks mom) by last Tuesday. On Wednesday we picked up our U-Haul and headed to my parent's house to grab our piano and a few last things that were still hanging out there of mine. We headed back to our apartment where we started loading up the big furniture pieces while we waited for my brothers to show up to help us. Tommy and Kiernan were an awesome help loading everything into the truck with Dave. After all the boys' hard work we went to Fat Burger for the last time for us (first time for my brothers) and enjoyed some tasty burgers. Dave and I went to Target to pick up some cleaning supplies, loaded Comet into the back of the car, and then got to work on cleaning the apartment. I cleaned the bathroom counter and toilet, then fell asleep on the floor while Dave cleaned the rest of the bathroom/laundry room and kitchen. He's so wonderful for letting me get my little nap in! After all the cleaning was done we went to my parents' house and went to CPK for dinner and then back over there to stay the night (where I fell asleep at 9 pm and woke up at 7 am). Luckily before falling asleep I got to say goodbye to Kiernan and Jessy who had school when we took off in the morning for CA. My mom made me breakfast and then we said goodbye to my parents and Tommy and drove off to U-Haul to attach our car to the trailer which hooked up to the moving truck.
We drove all the way through Oregon on the first day to Redding, CA. I took an hour long nap. Had to use the bathroom a lot on the trip. We filled up the truck and were glad that Dave's company was paying for everything with each receipt being around $100. Checked up on Comet who was still in his cage in the backseat of the car. Drove through a little rain in WA and OR. Drove through snow in CA. Drove past a street called Packer Bay Blvd and Wonderland Blvd (or they were Dr or Ln or something like that at the end). Ate junk food. Had to tune the truck's radio many times to find a radio station since they didn't even have a tape player. Jumped into our bed at a Best Western in Redding and were glad we only had three more hours to drive the next day.
After our short but needed rest at Best Western we hoped back into our truck and continued our trek. We made it into Roseville around noon and signed our papers with the apartment. Set Comet up on our patio which he loves to scamper all around. After which we ran a few quick errands and started pulling the small items and boxes out of the truck while we waited for Juan and Sara to come up from the Bay Area to help us out with the big items. Since Sara is two months farther along than me we both pretty much chatted and just unpacked the boxes. We ran to Red Robin to grab some food while the boys were busy putting boxes in the rooms they needed to be in. We ate, chatted, and then went to bed.
The next day we went to Mimmi's Cafe for breakfast which was very yummy! Dave and I got Costco cards!! Where we shopped for a little bit getting the food we needed while Sara and Juan ran over to the distribution center since we're closer to our temple then they are to theirs. After that we did a little more unpacking. Sara and I picked up another bookshelf at Target and assembled that. We chatted some more over the kitchen table while we ate our Costco pizzas. Then we all went to bed.
We were sad to see our friends leave Sunday morning but were so glad to have them around for help, company, and laughs.