Monday, April 21, 2014


We did the whole Easter Bunny thing on Saturday for Cohen. He LOVED going around the living room finding all the eggs and putting them in his little bucket. It was so cute watching his excitement.

snuggles with his new sheep
 Cohen had to make sure we didn't forget his sensory bottles so he threw them into the box with the china set.
 We also got to spend Easter Sunday evening with our friends, the Riddles. They made delicious food which we were so grateful for. It was so fun to get together with just them one last time before we move this week!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our Visit to Washington

Cohen and I got to fly up to Washington last week to see my family and check out rental homes. We took off early Monday morning (thank you Dave for driving us so early) for the airport. We got to go through the TSA pre-approved line, which was AWESOME with Cohen. We hopped on our plane and Cohen fell asleep right before take off and stayed asleep all the way up until landing. Cohen wore his little backpack and got to walk to the baggage claim area where we met up with my mom and sister. We grabbed our bag and Cohen's car seat and waited for my dad with the car. He was very excited to get out of the car and was so happy to see Lilly, the dog. Cohen and I joined my dad and Lilly on their walk and went to the park. After that we ran to the grocery store to get some baby things and lunch for Cohen. After we gotback Cohen had his nap. When Cohen woke up we went to the little farm park with my mom and sister. Cohen went up to see the cute baby cow and was giggly and saying "moo" and loving life, until the little cow let out a huge moo of his own. After that Cohen wanted to be held when looking at up close animals.
waiting for our plane

Cohen saying "eeeesss" for the camera

watching Curious George with grandpa before going to bed
Tuesday Cohen went on his walk with Grandpa and Lilly before his nap. We went to Target where my dad decided he needed to get some toys Cohen could play with (much to Cohen's delight). We then drove over to Petco to go look at the animals there (Cohen loved the guinea pigs and fish) followed by a quick stop at Dairy Queen for blizzards. Then Cohen and I went over to the Novaks' house for a little play date. It was fun to see my little guy playing with their two littlest ones and it was great to get to catch up.

eating lunch outside


Wednesday morning Cohen got up and was excited to play with the new toys. After getting ready Cohen and I went on Lilly's walk again with my dad, where Cohen got to throw more rocks into the pond, run through the woods, and play in a puddle. He went into the walk all cute and clean and came out of it my cute and messy little boy. After the walk we went to Payless Shoes for Cohen and the mall to have him ride on the grocery store rides. Cohen loved to look at them and watch them, and was even fine sitting in one, but as soon as we put the quarter in the train to go he was not so happy anymore. Thank goodness for the little French Bakery in the mall with tasty bread to help him out. After getting home Cohen finally got into some actually clean clothes again and hung out the rest of the day, following Lilly, playing with toys, helping grandma, or playing with grandpa.

throwing rocks in the pond

crouching down because i'm crouched down to take a picture of him
so excited to play in the puddle

Frogger is once of Cohen's best friends

more Lilly snuggles

Thursday my mom, Jessy, Cohen and I loaded up in the van and drove out to Spokane to look at rentals. We checked out three places and decided the second would be best for my little family. After the second house Cohen needed some serious play time so we went to the school close by which had three play-structures for Cohen to play on. He was in HEAVEN! After all that we finally got into our hotel which Cohen loved because they had elephants (one of his favorite animal sounds to make) and all sorts of other cool animals all over the place. We then walked to Olive Garden to eat dinner. While we waited to be seated Cohen and I rode the escalators up and down over and over again and walked up and down stairs just to get a little more energy out from a long day in the car. When we finally got seated asked them to get Cohen's dinner out as soon as they could since he was super hungry and tired and he was so excited to get to eat his shell pasta with a spoon. The food was tasty for everyone which was great. We got back to the hotel and Cohen and I went to bed, worn out from the day.

drinking his lemonade while he waits for his food
Friday morning we checked out of our hotel (after getting up at about 9:30 am!! I can't believe Cohen slept in that late) and went drove to McDonalds for Cohen and Jessy and then to Cafe Rio (which is not nearly as good as Costa Vida in my opinion) for my mom and me. Then we were on the road again, back to my parents' house. Cohen was very excited to see Papa and Lilly again when we got home and made sure to snuggle with Lilly a ton. That night my dad and I went to the Apple store to get my phone fixed (since it decided to stop receiving texts (possibly sending them too) while we were in Spokane). After we got back Cohen and I skyped with Dave really quick and then told him (and his fish) goodnight.
sitting in front of the "wa-we" (water) with grandma

quick runaway after petting the hippo

petting the rhino
helping grandma take the stuff back to the car

watching Despicable Me 2 with Grandma
Saturday I went to the Novak family sealing to have their two new little guys sealed into their family. It was an awesome experience. I loved being there so much. Afterwards I helped out with pictures then dashed home to get Cohen down for his nap. While he napped I made sure everything was packed and ready to go. When he woke up we all got in the van and headed to Burgermaster for some tasty food then drove to the airport. My family helped us get checked in and then we said goodbye. Cohen and I made it to our gate just as they started loading in the first set of coach people. We lucked out and ended up not having anyone sit in the middle seat so Cohen got to sit in it for parts of the plane ride. Unfortunately he did not fall asleep and wasn't really wanting to stay in our row but luckily it's a short flight so we made it. We met Dave down at baggage and waited and waited and waited for our stuff (obviously the people loading car seats did not have kids of their own since they came at the very end. We drove home with a very awake but happy Cohen, ran to Safeway to pick up milk, gave Cohen a bottle and then we all went to sleep. 
We had a great trip and are so glad we will be living even closer to family pretty soon!
at the airport right before we got in the line for security
on our plane