Saturday, January 3, 2015

Olivia's Baby Blessing

We had Olivia's baby blessing last week. It was great to have my family and Dave's dad with us for it. My parents were originally going to come out the Saturday morning before but we both saw snow forcasted for that day so we lucked out and they came out Friday night after my mom was done with work so we got to spend all day Saturday with them too. They stopped by super quick Friday night before they went to the hotel but didn't stay very long.
Saturday morning it snowed and they came over. My dad walked from the hotel to our house while the rest of my family was still getting ready. When everyone was here we got to open more Christmas presents since that's when we did our Christmas exchange with them.

After that Cohen had some quite reading time in his room (since he didn't want to take a nap). Which was followed by hours of play time in the snow with my dad and Tommy while my mom, Jessy and I did some shopping. We ate Little Caesar's Pizza for dinner (love that ours is a drive through).

Sunday morning was a little crazy since Olivia and I didn't get a whole ton of sleep but we made it to church a little early still and were able to get a big bench so we were all able to sit together. Dave gave a beautiful blessing to Olivia and had his dad, my dad, Tommy, Brad, and a member of the bishopric all in the circle with him.

We headed home after sacrament meeting so we could optimize our time as a family and get lunch ready. We had Laura and Brad's family join us for our tasty ham lunch. My family had to leave around 3 so they could get home kind of early and the roads would be better for them. 




It was a fun short weekend filled with family and we loved it.