Friday, April 17, 2009

Looking Back As I Grow Up

Do you ever seem to go off on telling a bunch of funny memories about different things you did as a kid? Well it's something that I do A LOT with my family it seems like. I thought I'd share some with all of you if you even read this (?)...

  • I had just figured out how to do a summersault (if that's how you spell it...) and my dad had just got back from what seemed like a long business trip. So of course I wanted to show him and we were on our back patio (keep in mind it's concrete) so I go to do my thing and when I tuck my head under to go through I bang it on the CONCRETE patio.... those family pictures that next week in AZ were very scabby on my account....

  • I got lost in Toys "R" Us this one time... It was my mom, Tommy, and my friend Sarah and we got to the end of this eisle and there was this Barney toy that they had out attached to the wall with buttons next to him and each button did a different thing. I got very distracted by this Barney and didn't notice my party walking away. When I realized I was all alone I went looking for them and when I realized I had no idea where they were I began to cry. I walked to the front of the store bawling and some employ came up to me and asked what was wrong. I told him my sad little six yearold fable and he asked for my mom's name and I heard it repeated very loudly over the speakers in the store. I suddenly became very embarassed and my mom came running to the front of the store glad she had found me.

  • My first CD I ever got was Michael Feinstein's "Pure Imagination" and I would play it ALL THE TIME on the CD player in our family room. Each song had a different little routine that went with it. The one I remember the most was with the "Teddy Bear Picnic" song. When the song came on I'd run to my room and take each of my teddy bears out one by one setting them around the "picnic" I had set up for them.
  • My favorite movie of all when I was little was "Happily Ever After" which was a non-disney made continuation of the Snow White fable. I'd rent it everytime I was allowed to from Blockbuster.
    • Other big movies in this time of my life include "Once Upon A Forest", "The Little Mermaid", "The Great Mouse Detective", "The Rescuers", "One Hundred and One Dalmations", "Lady and The Tramp".... pretty much anything classic Disney, "The Baby Sitters Club", "Skamper the Penguin", "A Room With A View" (I know a grownup movie.... but I LOVED watching it with my mom), "The Sound of Music", "Balto", "All Dogs Go To Heaven", "A Troll In Central Park", "The Flight of Dragons", "Space Jam", "Oliver and Co.", "The Princess and the Trolls", some Donald Duck video we had, "Rigaletto"....
  • In the third grade my whole class would sing the "Witch Dr." song and there was this one time I was laughing so hard and I had just taken a drink of pink lemonade from my Pochahantas (sp?) canteen and it came out of my nose.... it burned like no other.
  • I had one of my friends over and we were playing in the backyard... I stopped all of the sudden and looked at the world around me and said to my friend "Look at the sky, it looks like something Vincent Van Gough would paint." (I was a nerd then too.... I know I know....)

These are some of my childhood memories.... I hope you enjoyed... I did :)
--gabrielle jean