Friday, September 25, 2015

Thoughts on Cohen

My little boy turned three the other day! 
This was the hardest for me yet of all his birthdays and maybe because it means he's 100% not a baby any more but a cute little boy.
He is so full of curiosity and has to know EVERYTHING. He will ask us the everyone's names in books, movies, games, etc and sometimes "I don't know" isn't an acceptable answer so we have to give them a name. Luckily the naughtiness that comes with curiosity has died down a little and he is a much better listener.

I feel like every day he says something super cute or super funny these days. And I LOVE to hear the things he comes up with. His imagination is amazing and will make up stories, songs, and play happily with his toys creating fun worlds for them all. With that he LOVES creating things. He loves to build with his legos and his blocks. Drawing, play-dough, cutting paper, etc are some of his favorite activities too.
Superheros are still a really big part of his life and he has to know/own them all!! His top 5 right now are Robin, Superman, Flash, Spiderman, and Captain America.
Like every little kid he loves to be outside and be active. Even if it's just to play in the backyard it doesn't take much for him to drop whatever he's doing to pull on his boots so he can go play outside. He loves to dig in the dirt, run as fast as he can, jump, climb, and soak in the sunshine.
He's still a picky little eater and has his favorite foods. His favorites are probably fries, chips, shakes, fruit, cheese, and pancakes/waffles.

Cohen still can't say his C, K, Z, and Gs. So saying his name correctly probably won't happen until he does speech therapy one day (we're really hoping his school will offer it). He has improved with some words though. Last year Spiderman was Funnel and now it's Fiderban. Captain American was Pada and now it's Tatan Amanata.
This cute boy of mine is such a good helper, a sweet little soul, a scaredy cat, an explorer, a knowledge seeker, and a great big brother. I can't believe how fast these three years have flown by with my little boy, but I'm so grateful that he is mine.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

We Love Summer

We get out of the house more, explore, dig in the dirt, lay in the grass, and have fun together.
A time for picnics

A time for fishing

A time for sunglasses

A time to swim

A time to paint outdoors

A time to climb

A time to stomp in the puddles when it rains

A time to swing

A time to sit in the grass in your pjs

this girl LOVES swings