Monday, February 25, 2013


So I'm kind of obsessed with making bowties at the moment.... I made two while at my parents and I've made three since being home. If I had more fabric I'm sure there would be way more of them.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Babies and Bunnies

Because Comet is going to be going to a new home this weekend I figured I should get a couple of pictures of him. Then I remembered a picture of me with my bunny when I was a baby and had to kind of reenact it with Cohen and Comet so here you go:

Here are the rest of the pictures from this session.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trip to Washington

Dave had another business trip last week so instead of staying home Cohen and I flew up to Washington to see my family. It was a short but good trip. Over all Cohen didn't do too bad on both flights which was good. I had to walk with him the whole first one (when we were allowed to be standing) and the second flight he was ok with sitting as long as he got to get a little sad every once and a while.
When we got to Seattle my mom and Kiernan were there to greet us. Cohen slept the whole drive home and woke up in the family room in his car seat while I was putting stuff in our room. He started to cry when he didn't recognize anything but he calmed down once I rescued him from the stranger (my dad). Cohen and I went with my dad and Riley on their walk that night where Cohen first started his sleep for the night. He slept a lot that day and so I was nervous he'd be up all night but he slept 9 hours straight that night which was fantastic.
The next day my mom had a brunch so she could show off Cohen. It was fun to see people and eat yummy food. Cohen got a lot of presents which was so nice of a lot of the ladies to do. I think his favorite thing he got though was one of the wrapping papers. He played with that for days.
 The next day Cohen got to watch PB and J Otter with Kiernan who had recorded it just for him. They both had a lot of fun watching the cute show together.
   Then we got all ready and went with my mom who was taking Jessy and her friend to the mall. Cohen loved looking around all the stores and seeing all the people. His favorite store was the Disney store with all there fun colors.
Valentines Day
That night we went to Fatburger for dinner which was fantastic. It was something I had been missing since moving to California so it was a great treat to finally get some tasty burgers. Then Cohen and I watched the last few minutes of the Heat/Thunder game with my dad. Then it was time for bed for Cohen and my mom and I watched about half of "The Best Marigold Hotel" until we decided we were tired too. So even though I didn't get to spend Valentine's Day with Dave, I was glad to have my little Valentine and family to share it with.
Friday was a great sunny day. I had to take advantage and had my dad snap a few pictures of Cohen and me. Right before that I got a much needed haircut too.

my mom wanted some too so I took a few of her with Cohen

Wearing Kiernan's VERY HEAVY pack
We finished our movie really quickly, stopped in at the Goddard School and then Cohen, my mom and I headed to Bellevue to go eat at Ivar's, another food place I had been missing. Then we went across the street to crossroads where we did a little shopping. That night we watched "Mama Mia".
The next day was a pretty low key day. We went to Target really quick. I made Cohen two bowties. We got Cohen's baby blanket's back sewed on. And we just hung out around the house.
Sunday we went to church, came home, I finished packing really quick while Cohen slept, ate lunch, and then headed back to the airport. When we finally landed Dave was waiting for us in the car. We said hi, headed home, and jumped into bed.
Cohen with his grandma and the blanket she made him
Waiting for everyone else to get seated on the plane

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thumb Sucker

This is our life as of late:
Cohen has started to suck his thumb and it's a beautiful thing. I still wish he was a pacifier lover but only because that's easier to break babes of later on. He's also way into grabbing onto his little feet... so cute.

He's also starting to eat rice cereal which I'd hoped to skip but I'm so glad he's eating it so I get a break. This boy eats all day long I feel like.
waiting for the food
1st time

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Day 5

We had Gavin and Aubrey over Friday night to celebrate my upcoming birthday. We had tasty food and played Mario Party 8. It was a fun night.
That morning
helping out with dinner...
seriously this is the best way i can actually make dinner
he loves to be where the people are

Saturday night we watched Meet the Robinson's in our room and ate popcorn.

Helping me make the popcorn

We didn't watch the Superbowl but had a Harry Potter movie marathon that weekend instead. So much better.
Monday we went to Red Robin for my free birthday food.
they LOVE watching basketball

On my birthday our ward's relief society had a sister swap that we donated a bunch of things to (including diapers Cohen out grew and only wore a few of in the package because they gave him major diaper rash). Aubrey came by that morning to pick up all our donations to take to the church with her's. my visiting teacher dropped off a treat for me. Cohen and I played all day. He had rice cereal and I had oatmeal at the same time. Dave came home and watched Cohen while Aubrey and I went to the sister swap where I got a couple things for Cohen. I came home and we had dinner and watched Hotel Transylvania which was pretty cute. Then we had surprise icecream cake. I loved being able to celebrate my birthday with my two boys.

a bonus picture... we play outside when it's not super chilly and windy  and all the kids are still in school
helping with dinner last night
now I eat hot cereal while he eats his rice cereal...
it doesn't seem as bad for him now that it looks like I'm eating something like what he is