Thursday, June 27, 2013


I came up with these the other day for the back of cards

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adventure is Out There

Inspired by the Pixar/Disney movie "Up": Adventure is out there
I speed painted the backgounds on all of these from photos I found online
and a bonus: Oh the Places You'll Go

Monday, June 24, 2013

Audrey Hepburn Quote

Made up three prints based on Aubrey Hepburn's "I believe in Pink" quote

bonus: made this one to match the one above it more

Plus a "Paris is always a good idea" print

And her "Impossible, I'm Possible" Quote

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More Quotes

From "In Her Shoes"

Monday, June 17, 2013

F Scott Fitzgerald Quotes

decided to make up this quote... LOVE F. Scott Fitzgerald!
"I love her and that's the beginning and end of everything."

and then I made up this one to kind of go with it
"I wish I had done everything on Earth with you"
Both are available for purchase here

A Friend's Wedding Announcement

A while ago I had posted some cards I had made up... I figured I should show a wedding announcement I made up for Michelle a couple of months ago. It was a lot of fun to work on and collaborate on the design with her and her now hubby.
the little background probably took the most time to make up
I think it'd be way fun to be able to take the pictures and make up the cards! Maybe one day I can :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

So pretty much it was Father's Day weekend here in our home! Since Dave came back last Saturday we lucked out and got to have him home pretty much all this last week... the unlucky part of that was Dave and I were both sick and that's why he was home. It was nice to get the bonus make up family time in but not fun to have it be because we were both not feeling good.
**If anyone is wondering, it is the hardest time to be a mommy of a baby when you are sick... especially a baby who two nights in a row decided he wanted to wake up every hour and I had to nurse him every time for him to go back to sleep... oh life. **
But on Friday Dave and I were both feeling a lot better and he was able to go in to work. He came home early (not because I was exhausted, sick and crying like another day that week) and he was too excited about his gifts that I couldn't wait any longer to give them to him. This man is like a kid at Christmas come birthday and Father's Day now too... you should see him at Christmas! He opened his gifts, one of which was a harmonica, which was something he'd mentioned a few times he'd like to learn how to play. I had asked my dad for his expert opinion on the instrument and went to the Guitar Center to pick one up. I was a little extra excited about this gift because not only was it going to totally surprise Dave but my dad would play the harmonica for me all the time as a baby and I LOVED it so I was excited for Dave to share that experience with Cohen... well that loving experience turned out much different than I had anticipated.
Dave blew into it and Cohen got the saddest look on his face and began to bawl. We figured it was probably just because Cohen was tired and so we thought we'd try it again after his nap (which happened right after the presents). Cohen woke up his happy/chipper little self that he normally does from his naps. We were ready to try it again and we sure he'd love it this time. Boy were we wrong! This boy does not like the harmonica. He cries EVERY time Dave plays it! The higher notes get the biggest tears but no matter what he is not a fan.

They got matching TMNT shirts

Happy Baby

Stop playing it dad!

Saturday we went to the pool as a family and were shocked that the pool was chilly. So my poor baby who loves the pool was not the happiest baby in the chilly pool if we tried to get his little tummy in it. But he was fine with his legs and shorts in which was great. I also got to go use my massage that I got for mother's day which was fantastic!

On Sunday I made breakfast and dinner. I grilled! It was my first time using the BBQ. So excited to get to learn to use it more. Over all Dave was spoiled all weekend long and I know he loved it and is bummed to have to go back to work tomorrow.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Kiernan opened up his mission call today and is going to Philadelphia, PA! It's crazy to think that as of Jan next year (that's still a while to go) both my brothers will be out spreading the gospel. I know Tommy has been loving his mission so I'm excited for Kiernan to go.
Here are a few snaps I took while Cohen and I got to Skype with my family:

Monday, June 10, 2013

Photography Website

So as I mentioned before I was finally able to make up a photography website/portfolio for my photography business. It's kind of exciting to finally have it done after all these years! My little business started off as just a word of mouth thing for families I was friends with and then over time it grew a little and grew a little more. So it was a great feeling to have that there now on top of the blog and facebook page. Be sure to check them all out and spread the love.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

While Daddy Was Gone in Canada

So this last week Dave was in Canada for his grandma's funeral. Originally we had planned on the three of us going. We got our tickets and the flight was the next day. So that Thursday was crazy with planning, doing laundry, and packing.
Upon arrival we found out that Cohen needed a passport to fly to Canada (you don't need one to drive there though??!!) and poor Aubrey (and her 3 week baby!) had to come back and pick us up while Dave headed to the plane. That day was crazy with trying to figure out another way for me and Cohen to get there, but we realized it was just not going to happen. So we went grocery shopping. I bought my first ever potted plant (wish me luck)! And Cohen got to try out his baby pool.
giving me a kiss

Saturday, Cohen and I went to Walmart. Where I got him a couple of outfits and bought some fabric. Cohen and I saw a cute little old man pushing around his cocker spaniel in his grocery cart in the store, Cohen couldn't take his eyes off the dog. We then came back home. While Cohen napped I made a berry pie with the berries I had bought the day before and as a fun treat to have after the day before. After nap time and the battle to get Cohen to start eating finger foods (he's so hard to feed the baby food now and he thinks all finger foods that aren't snacks are a little sketchy at first) we went to the other Walmart to return a pair of shorts I had bought at the first own. We went for a walk that afternoon to get out of the house. Then after the walk Cohen had a bath and then we got a text from Aubrey and Gavin who were sweet and invited us to join them in getting Chinese food. The food was tasty, even if I only got a couple bites because it was getting way to close to bed time. After finally putting him down for the night I finished up my food (so glad I didn't have to make something because that would've taken FOREVER).

I tried to get a picture of the dog after we passed it

on our walk
His fishy face

 Sunday, Cohen and I went to sacrament meeting where he played in the lobby and got mad when I'd stop him from going into the chapel during sacrament meeting. We came home and both took a two hour nap... much needed for both parties. I also tried to take some pictures of Cohen that morning too... and he had fun playing with Tigger.

Monday, we went to the park by the library with Aubrey for a walk. Then Aubrey was kind enough to watch Cohen while I vaccumed really quick since Cohen is now terrified of it (last time he started to shake and then bawled until I had Dave take him... it was so sad). We then went to the pool  for a short little bit where Cohen loved "jumping" to me from the edge of the pool. This little boy just loves to be in water so much, way too cute!

first time in a swing... he loved it




one for baby and one for mommy

Tuesday we went to Target where we got some bubbles which Cohen loved. Tuesday was probably the hardest day without Dave since Cohen slept really bad the night before and it was the middle of Dave being gone. Last minute that night we went to the Relief Society CPR thing. It was a good refresher and Cohen had fun crawling around somewhere outside of our apartment. Luckily he slept a little better that night.

smoothie to share

one for baby and one for mommy

Wednesday, we went out to lunch with Aubrey and her little Ellie to Costa Vida (I think I'm finally sick of it... for now). We went out for a quick walk later that afternoon to hold Cohen off for a little longer before putting him down for the night.



Thursday, we went to Michael's and I picked up a "C" and "Z" for two separate projects and then we went over to the new location for Bed, Bath, and Beyond (they just moved to the other shopping center across the street). I was surprised to see that their little bath section had hair products to vitamins to make up to toiletries as well. Now we just need someone to sell fresh produce, dairy products, and meat right up there and we'll be set (at a good price, we do have Wholefoods close but they're pricey). We then met up with Dawn who also lives in our apartment complex and her baby Jax and her two step-boys at the pool. Cohen still loved jumping to me in the pool and I even put him under the water for a second which he didn't love but he didn't super freak out either. I quickly spray painted my two letters that afternoon and worked on Cohen's bedskirt (finally!! this boy is 8 months old and I'm still not done with his room) but had to stop that one last night after my needle on my sewing machine hit a pin and bent.


going to Michael's

checking up on me
Friday we met up with Aubrey and Ellie for more pool time. I got to finish up the bedskirt after Aubrey fixed and showed me how to put in a new needle (hooray for friends!) And my plant came back to life! Oh, after I finally moved it outside (I think that was Wednesday afternoon) it was starting to die, but I realized it needed more water when it's outside since it's hotter out there than inside and it came back to the living!
This little boy was moving all over the place in his sleep

Got to style his hair because of the sunscreen

In the pack n play while I finish the bedskirt super quick

practicing walking

He's figured out how to climb on top of things to climb onto other things
Saturday, our last day without Dave (thank goodness). We went to the mall to get out of the house but still have some a/c because it was HOT that day. I know it got up to 107 degrees but it could've gotten hotter who knows for sure. I also filled up Cohen's pool for him again and once again he loved it and he was so kind to help water my plant with his splashing. I know the flowers loved it just as much as he did! Other than that we just hung out at the house and kept cool.

he loves it in the disney store even if he doesn't look like it in this picture

Other things that got done through out the week include reading Brisingr (I've been working on this book since September! I got through the first books way fast, thinking each time I wouldn't get to finish it because "the baby can come any day now" and then I got about 100 pages into the last one and guess who showed up... so worth it though). Made my website for my photography business. Cohen's room is finally finished. And crocheted a little.