Thursday, April 14, 2016


Halloween was another last minute thing for us this year. Cohen finally decided on a costume. He decided to be Clark Kent turning into Superman. This was great since his costume could be stuff he would actually be something he'd wear later.
For Olivia we decided on just having her wear Cohen's old tiger costume since it'd keep her warm and cozy at the ward trunk or treat.
The trunk or treat was on Halloween which was great since that was all we were going to do. Cohen was shy but did a good job saying "trick or treat". There was one car that had creepy decorations and Cohen refused to go to it but other than him getting scared by the one car he loved it.
Olivia was a good little buddy going to all the cars with us but was glad to go home and go to bed when it was done.
Overall it was a success and we still have candy from their goody bags waiting to be snatched.

Olivia's Birthday

Because I'm a horrible mom and not good at all about blogging anymore I'm FINALLY posting this.
We had a small party on Olivia's actual birthday. My family was able to come into town to help us celebrate our baby girl turning one. She loved her Elsa doll the most of all her presents. The birthday cake was a much better success with Olivia than it was for Cohen's first birthday and she ate her piece all up.

it's SO COZY!!

She has to snuggle everything soft

Cohen has to snuggle too

he was SO excited that he "got" Olaf and Olivia got Elsa